15 Anniversary Gala for PIE

“So the Lord sent forth the Chosen,
to bring forth the light of faith
And those who embrace His love
Shall be saved by His grace
For we are His shepherds in the darkness
His Angels of Mercy.
But those who turn away from His light,
And reject His true word
Shall be struck down by His wrath
For we are His retribution incarnate
His Angels of Vengeance”
- The Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming 4:45



Fifteen years of Service and Faith in accordance with the Praetorian’s Oath “By His light and His will I swear that I will support our divinely appointed ruler in all things. I will uphold Amarrian scriptures and traditions and defend these with my life. I will defend Amarrian civilians wherever possible. I will destroy those who declare through words or actions that they are enemies of Amarr. I will abhor the Heretic. I will act with honor and with decorum at all times, as befits a defender of the Empire.”

PIE, Inc. is the oldest pod-pilot corporation loyal to the Amarr Empire, having been founded early in YC105 (May 2003). It is believed to be the third oldest surviving capsuleer run corporation in EVE.

Throughout its existence, PIE Inc. has been a fervent supporter of the Amarr Empire and has also engaged in multiple anti-pirate campaigns. PIE is currently focusing the war against Minmatar Aggression.

PIE Inc. was also the founder of the CVA alliance and participated in the Operation Deliverance wars in Providence and low-security Domain. PIE Inc. eventually left CVA to return to the Empire proper and focus on the Matari threat.

Listed among its achievements are the return of an Apocalypse Imperial Issue to the Empire through a Minmatar blockade, escorting Brother Joshua on his journeys around the Kor-Azor region, being a founding member and former executor corporation of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance, and participating heavily in the conflict between the Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic. PIE Inc. was also recognised by Yonis Ardishapur for its role in the capture of Kourmonen from Minmatar forces, and by Grand Admiral Kezti Sundara for its work in the Research Race of YC116. PIE also fielded a number of teams in the YC 118 Succession Trials and lead up qualifers, most notably Team Sarum lead by Champion Lady Admiral Mitara Newelle.

To celebrate the Fifteenth Anniversary of PIE, Inc., the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris is hosting a Formal Ball in Celebration on May 5th, at 18:00.

Event Detail

Saturday, May 5th, 18:00 to late.


The Dolvan Hetrelad Ball Room

Situated upon upper-decks of the ancient Emperor Family Academy in orbit over Oris, the Dolvan Hetrelad Ball Room was first built in 22536 AD and more recently renovated in 23175 AD. It has played host to thousands of high-society events in its long history. While one of the smaller ballrooms on the station, it has always been known as an exquisite and exclusive venue, reserved for events that are modest in size but opulent in execution. It is only by the grace of its good standing with the Empire and the EFA station council that PIE was allowed to rent this beautiful venue for the evening.

With a dance floor and pillars of black marble and windows on two sides that look directly unto the vast heavens, dancing in the Dolvan Hetrelad as been likened to "dancing amongst the stars themselves.

Music by The Ves-Udor Philharmonic Orchestra

Tracing its origins to the first Udorian slave orchestra in existence, it has since grown into the preeminent musical institution on the entire continent of Ves-Udor on Amarr Prime. No finer musicians may be found elsewhere in the Empire except in Dam-Torsad itself, or in the personal employ of the Empress and Heirs.
The repertoire shall include a selection of classical Amarrian ballroom orchestral music including waltzes, minuets, allemandes and tango, with orchestral variations of folk and ethnic dance music from the greater Empire.

The Empire’s Finest Indulgences

Only the best will be served during the evening, with the most consummate Imperial-distilled spirits, wines, and hors d’oeuvre to be provided to all guests

Dress Code

Formal attire or formal dress uniforms only please. You may wear culturally specific formal clothing, so long as it is modest enough to conform to Amarrian standards. Those dressed inappropriately will be turned away at the door. (Or given an emergency Imperial formal robe. May smell of old Holder.)

We of the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris look forward to seeing you all there!
For the glory of our great domain, Semper Pax and Amarr Victor!

Please direct to me, Captain Maria Daphiti, or Event Planner Lunarisse Aspenstar of SFRIM who is helping to organize the event and with hostess duties.

Guest List

All blues and Imperial loyalists are invited.

If you would like to attend (or have requests for a +1) and you want to be added to the Guest List, please RSVP by mail to Maria Daphiti and Lunarisse Aspenstar. You will be added to the List once approved.

Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris [PIE]
Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA]
Apocalypse Now [APOC]
Amarrian Vengeance [A-VNG]
Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive [I-Red]
Arataka Research Consortium [ARC]

Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque [SFRIM]
Imperial Dreams [IG]
Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint Katherine [SHOSK]
Apollo Defence Industries [A.DI]
Heiian Conglomerate [HECON]
Black Watch Guard [BWGRD]

(Anyone in the Imperial Congregation channel unless Red to PIE)
Enso Nibanna
Diane Kim
Ozymandias Volatilus
Ioannis Sepphiros
Maira Blackfire
Loki Vaako
Charles Cambridge Schmidt
Karmilla Strife
Coulter Phelps
Catherine Gillot
Tressith Sefira
Master list being updated only on the iGS


While we have often found ourselves on opposing sides of the battlefield, both physically and verbally, I have a great deal of respect for the capsuleers of PIE. Fifteen years is a remarkable achievement, and one you are certainly worthy of.



I guess the invitation was lost in the mail or something, surely.


Congratulations. I won’t be able to attend, but I’m sure ARC will be well-represented.


Technically I’m blue now (barring set standings)…

With respect to your guests I’ll pass though.


Plenty of that going on, for sure.


I have seen a word “pie”, but now when I am reading further I am disappoint. :pensive:

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That’s a shame. Miz could’ve brought some punch, too.


So CVA heretics are invited but not true loyalistst like AFK. I flew with you during Her Imperial Majesty’s coronation when CVA fleet pured insults to her.

Congratulations to PIE.

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Sorry Vaari, no PIE for you.

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Yeah. I think they bath in blood there if such secrecy is required that Pontifex Maximus of Providence is not welcome.

Perhaps if you refrained from several libellous comments such as this, then you would have received an invite.


I dont even want to same parties with CVA. Too many daggers in my back after such evening.

Then why are you bemoaning your lack of an invite?

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He bemoans quite frequently.


In response to a question, plus ones are welcome but subject to pre-approval.

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The wife and I will happily attend. I look forward to seeing our compatriots from PIE in the flesh once more.


I’m sure it goes without saying, but I’m pre-approved, right?

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Mizzy, please. You don’t want to know your dress code if you want to get through the door alive.