16 year veteran

I am a toon that was born in 2003. I’ve played for most of that time. I have multiple accounts. I have trained up for ships to make ISK in and some just for fun. I’ve ebbed and flowed with the changes. I had 3 toons that could Rorq pilot. All trained up, or injectors from my main. I have worked and paid for this. Last month, CCP told all 0.0 and indy pilots that they don’t care about them, and have decided to take all the time and energy invested by those customers, ( I say customers, because that’s what we are to them. Not community members, or family. We are money to CCP), and thrown it right out the window. And now, my last happy place, Supers is getting nerfed to.

16, almost 17, years I’ve been a loyal player. I’ve brought people into Eve. I’ve raved on about it when others are sick of hearing me. You know what CCP? ■■■■ you.


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