17 Minutes of Iceland Roads

Link to video showing 17 mins of fast forwarded Iceland roads. We visited Iceland in March 2020 and the Eve Online soundtrack suits the images perfectly. We saw CCP HQ and the Eve Online monument in Reykjavik which was great. This was on a Monday night. I could even see some lights inside the CCP building so I was wondering if a Dev was still working so late?
17 minutes of Iceland roads


Did the US buy iceland yet.

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I never drove on icy roads, however, I drove in heavy rain, heavy enough to force cars to stop on the side of the roads.

I am fully aware of tire gears, as , we have laws obligating to have radial tires in Winter time in my country from set dates, to spring.
Of course, chains, or, other forms of traction to prevent loss-of-control from ice is better.

Radial tires are stronger, even if they don’t prevent slippage on ice.

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