Iceland Trip

My sister is in Iceland until August 17 , 2018, and I want to know if you are aware of any particular event.

Also, what is required to visit the office, if anything is required in particular ?

cases n cases n cases of gud Viking beer,

don’t worry about events, drink beer with CCP n create content down town.


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I just sent her the post by email.
At 49, she doesn’t drink much, but used to drink wine.
She’s also obstetrician, so, there are certain things she won’t do, due to her work, and so to keep her work, and business.

Same for me.
For instance, I can’t hide misleading information, or try to say something is clear when it’s obviously construed to look differently than it is.
It would interfere against the credit for my skills and ethics and lead to conflicts.
Same kind of things I rather file in courts about .

Of course, there are many more instances.

tis only beer, you could be in Valhalla tomorrow.:grinning:

CCP after work content.


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Studio Visitation Policy

As for stuff to do, Iceland won’t let you get bored :slight_smile:

thank you, I’m emailing it to her now

Just tell her to be careful at CCP’s office. Strange things can and do happen there … :slight_smile:

I don’t know if she will go.

I should pay her to send them at least a post card Friday.

They always appreciate things, big or small. A visit to the office is nice, but it isn’t a must obviously.

Iceland is a really nice place, much more diverse than many people think. Outside of Reykjavik there’s more than meets the eye :slight_smile: Whether’s it’s places like Akureyri, or visiting the wild side and nature of the countryside.

I have a Google doc at home with attractions, ways to go around, hotels, etc

Will edit this comment with the link when I get home

You can also put it after this one, or EVE mail me and I will put it before.

I don’t think the 1 ISK fee is on the EVE Mail at this time.

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Here it is, I think it was for fanfest, but I’m sure it’s good for everything


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