174m sp multi-around char


Hey there! Check me out! I know you are gonna like me

Npc corp +
wallet +
kill rights -
3 Jump clones
Podion location
Sec.status 5.0

Accepting offers.
Want instant bo? 150B

I am still for sale. No bids for 4 days?

110 bid

with that kind of bid, it is just easier for me to extract it


120 bil

offer 121B

Provide a new offer 125B

@MIkkuu agreed in pm to sell you the toon for 125b

Please tell me which character I should transfer the ISK to

should be sent to the character that is for sale

I have already transferred the ISK. Please proceed with the character transfer. During this process, is there any information I need to provide?

you need to provide me account name where I should send a character

Sending account information publicly is a dangerous act, please use the game email to send it.

@sig_orsk I have already sent an in-game email to notify you of the account.

@sig_orsk When can I expect to receive the character?

How much longer do I need to wait?

If you do not receive an answer or the character within the next 24 hours, please open a Support Ticket.

I have already submitted the application, but after two days, I still haven’t received a response.

Unfortunately, there may currently be delays in processing tickets due to a high volume. Please be patient. Everything is also being checked very carefully, which will also take some time.

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