2 account killing my shuttle over and over Why would I do this?

returning vet 5 years, was looking at my killboard and I see that my 2nd account has several kills of my shuttle back in 2014. Maybe bounty I was a pirate back then.



I think that was after CCP implemented the revised Bounty mechanics. IIRC, a percentage of the value of the ship and cargo was subtracted from the bounty. Before that, you had to be podded to remove the bounty.

Anyway, welcome back…

No idea what your 2nd account was, or who killed it, or where.

Basically, lots of ways you could have been killed multiple times in a shuttle. Especially if you keep repeating the same behavior that got you killed in the first place.

tom drakka your alt ? the kills look to be just over 15 min apart so clearing killrights . it looks like you were enjoying the gentlemanly sport of popping pods back then :slight_smile:

Ya I was not in a good place in rl back in 2014 and auto piloting pods deserve it lol not into ganking anymore in high sec.

you missed the point MY 2nd account killing MY 1st account and I dont remember why I was doing this in 2014

If you dont remember why, then why would anyone else remember? not sure what your point is here

Maybe to give Forsaken Asylum a whole bunch of losses just before you left them :slight_smile:

A fascinating tale. I have one of my own to share. Just the other day I was about to make a coffee but at the last second I decided I wasn’t particularly in the mood for one. I had some sparkling mineral water instead.


I think clearing killrights is a pretty good candidate.
Other options include your friend logging on and pranking you, never realizing how well it would work.
How about self-harming but in a video game (<3 B4R)? Killboard baiting by showing red? Solo mark farming? Any number of reasons…

Maybe you were filled with self loathing back then? As long as you are still large and in charge of your accounts, welcome back to the game. I can only imagine how much the game has changed over the last 8 years, since I just started 6 months ago.

im trying to drink less soda so im consuming a lot of S. Pellegrino because im a poser
btw i made interesting observation about “premium” sparkling waters available on my country

perrier :fr:

big bubbles , smoky mineral flavour , kinda unique

S. Pellegrino :it:
small bubbles , mild salty mineral flavour , quite pleasant , my favorite

Sao Lourenço :brazil:

mid sized bubbles , salty mineral flavour (stronger than the Italian one ) , 1 tenth of the price of the imported brands
pleasant , best cost benefit

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What I find strange is that rl would effect your game play.

I thought pointless grief type play was through choice and had no reflection on our characters :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I to have recently switched to mineral water and soda water with a dash of lime

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This is both hilarious and sad. RIP steam era.

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I made root beer from scratch for my new year resolution. I’ll never buy a little rootie from A&W again.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Obviously to grief yourself you dirty griefer.

I’m sorry, question was “why did my own account kill my other account in prehistoric age ?” ?

By all means dude, let other people analyze your pixel psychology and determinate why you were doing whatever, 10 years ago.

If you want my theory: Your girlfriend tried to help you in EVE and you granted her access to one of your accounts, but then you had a break up and she decided to pod you again and again using all your own ships.

What a petty thing to do :frowning: