2 launchpads - input output - question

If all factories are linked to two launchpads, and one receives an input of station A, will it place the output back into station A, or is it random?

Because I got now a Factory planet for T2 products with 4 launchpads.

2 launchpads supply the same 7 basic factories, now I wonder if I will loose the output if they start to take the intput of the full A storage but place the output into the full B storage.

You need to manually route all products. They go where you tell them to.

Most of the time you can use the same launchpad for input and output since the output takes up less space than the input (unless you’re making P4 where the volume increases).

If you have intermediate products, route them back to a launchpad - not directly to an advanced processor.

On my planets I:

  • Extract P0 and route to launchpad.
  • Route P0 from launchpad to Basic processor
  • Route P1 from basic processor back to launchpad
  • Route P1 from launchpad to advanced processor
  • Route P2 back to launchpad

On my factory planets which have 2 launchpads, I use basically the same process - launchpad to advanced processor and back. You could potentially have a problem if you route the same product to multiple launchpads but there should always be a setup which lets you avoid that.

I need someone to know for sure, because I got no time to fill the storage every day and my setup is perfect is it stands. Worst case I got to fill launchpad A and B with resources of C and D which I haven’t linked, but this is also time consuming.

if I’ve routed the input of launchpad A and B to all factories X1…X7 and the ouput of X1…X7 to launchpad A (Edit : or) and B

will those factories take the input of A and place it worst case scenario in a full B ?

I know that when I route from the launchpad to multiple processors, it works properly - there is no overflow. Going the other way, I haven’t tried - I route half my processors to each launchpad.

ofc it works, because it gets compressed :smiley:

You have one Input and one output, as this: “Input” Launchpad > Factory > “Output” Launchpad.

Input storage and Output storage (launchpad) can be one in the same, but you can’t have a factory output to 2 different storage (launchpads).

To keep a constant supply to your 7 factories I would link it like this:
The 2 Input (1 for each material) launchpads are each linked to all 7 factories, then 3 factories’ product output linked to output launchpad #1 and 4 other factories’ product output linked to output launchpad #2.

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