2 Nag/Phoenix alts for sale Siege II

myself https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Not-A_Farm_Alt

and my partner https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Not_A_Farm-Alt

both are T2 cap guns for Nag and Phoenix, T2 siege, Comps to IV

no jump skills as these are WH farming alts/Bonus wave alts

Starting Bid for each will be 24 bn

Confirming I am for sale

I will bid 20B for one of them :slight_smile:

22b for one

Bump. Both bids noted

Daily bump

Not-A Farm Alt 24b offer.

i would take 30 each or 55 for the pair

I think the price 25b is very reasonable, I hope you can consider it。

if youre buying both, 25 bill is great

Sorry,I just need one。

Willing to take 50b total for both (25b each) as a buy out offer?

Characters are pending sale.

25b sent to each character along with account names eve mailed.

isk recieved, transfers started