2 server problems occured in abyss

while doing abyssals in second pocket i had server failure but if it happened one it doesn’t matter vecause of 3-5 mins of time space
but on third pocket server failure occured again following with handshake error
after successful login i died IN warp gate that leads out because while i was in gate timer was 00.00 and on my screen was animation of transferring

put in a support ticket for reimbursement, if it was related to the server stability issues happening right now they will get to it. The forum is not the place to seek reimbursement.

my point not in whining by losing ship but confirming if it is server malnfunction or game bug

The servers have been unstable for almost 2 weeks now because of a DDOS they are still trying to contain, have you been living under a rock? lol

even under ddos i can play but i want to know is it a bug or server connection error when i died in gates
P.S. not only eve is ddosed . World of tanks too but people still play

I had same problem that i lost connect during 2nd pocket and keep fail log in for awhile. after i loged in. i had only 4 min to rush in 3rd pocket . it damn ruin my mood to run Abyssal for a while…

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