2 week overlap FLEX time not Enough

Hello CCP,

Not sure if you have considered this, but it takes 10 days 10 hours to make a Jump Gate, you need to make 2 of them to create a connection. The 2 week overlap is not enough time to manufacture both jump gates unless you buy 2 BPOs (they are 12 billion isk each). They take 8 days and 8 hours to copy which also does not fit into the 2 week overlap. For the sake of null sec sov, please give the players at least 4 weeks to adjust to the new strategic FLEX structures.

The same issue runs for Jammers. We don’t just jam 1 system. We need the time to be able to make multiple jammers for our sov.

This is a serious issue, please address it.

** Edit - Just realized the Structure EXERT Conduit Coupler Blueprint requires 1 day of manufacturing and the Jump gates require 2 of them, so in fact, it takes even longer than 10 days and 10 hours to manufacture a jump gate.

Copy? Just build the thing from the BPO.

you need to make 2 jump gates for it to work

if i remember correctly the fortizar and keepstars were seeded for well over 10 bil, keeps being well over 100 bills i think. 12 bil for jumpgate bpos seems a little cheap to me. i think your best bet if you are trying to get these things in production asap, would be to buy 3x bpos use two of them to get your first gates, and your third is put into research. once you have your gates up and secured sell the bpos and use your researched one to make any copies and gates you need after the fact… Money should not be much of an object.

Agreed, it’s just CCP sold us on the grace period as if they were doing us some sort of favor. Certainly doesn’t feel like it considering the tight timeline.

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