20 MIL SP Character - Focused Capital Starter - Core Skills Complete - SOLD

(Hifix) #1


So I may possibly may sell this toon,

No corp history… focused core skills… +5 implants… 3 remaps available


Character is located in a high sec station located a couple of jumps from Jita.

No kill rights and will come with 0 isk.

Post your interest below

(Sisa Amatin) #2

12.0 b

(Maizie Fields) #3

15 billion

(Absolute Truth) #5

15.2b offered

(Anette Sunji) #6

15.5 b

(Sisa Amatin) #7

15.7 b

(Mayka Sunji) #8

16.0 b

(Charon Taranogas) #9

ingame mail sent

(Hifix) #10

Daily bump

(Anette Sunji) #11

18.0 b

(Hifix) #12

Daily bump

Will sell for 20bil B/O

(Anette Sunji) #13

I’m willing to go up to 19b, but with no Adv. Spaceship Command, drone skills or gunnery this toon is months away from being usable in a cap, so I cannot offer anything more.

(Hifix) #14

Make it 19.5bil and I will start the transfer process.

(Anette Sunji) #15

It won’t be the worst deal I’ve made - ISK will be sent within 20-30 minutes along with account data.

(Anette Sunji) #16

Details and ISK sent, awaiting transfer confirmation.

(Hifix) #17

Payment and details received with thanks, transfer has been initiated with CCP

(Anette Sunji) #18

Transfer email received, thank you for business.

(Hifix) #19

Enjoy and fly safe

(system) #20

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