20 MIL SP Character - Focused Capital Starter - Core Skills Complete - SOLD


So I may possibly may sell this toon,

No corp history… focused core skills… +5 implants… 3 remaps available


Character is located in a high sec station located a couple of jumps from Jita.

No kill rights and will come with 0 isk.

Post your interest below

12.0 b

15 billion

15.2b offered

15.5 b

15.7 b

16.0 b

ingame mail sent

Daily bump

18.0 b

Daily bump

Will sell for 20bil B/O

I’m willing to go up to 19b, but with no Adv. Spaceship Command, drone skills or gunnery this toon is months away from being usable in a cap, so I cannot offer anything more.

Make it 19.5bil and I will start the transfer process.

It won’t be the worst deal I’ve made - ISK will be sent within 20-30 minutes along with account data.

Details and ISK sent, awaiting transfer confirmation.

Payment and details received with thanks, transfer has been initiated with CCP

Transfer email received, thank you for business.

Enjoy and fly safe

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