WTS Core Starter Char 5,4m SP perfect for beginners. 2015 born - 4,75 BO

This char is for sale, he has 5,4m SP.

He has really cool core skills what i needed for an good start for PvP and PvE just take a look at the
skill site:


He has 4x Remaps + the Now Remap , he is in NPC corp and had only 4 corps history since 2015
And positiv Wallet.

He can do Planetary Interaction with bgeinning skills and fly an Interceptor.

Some Skills specials:

  • Amarr Friggate @ 5
  • Interceptor @ 3
  • Acceleration Control @ 5
  • Evasive Maneuvers @ 5
  • Warp Drive Operation @ 5
  • CPU Managament @ 5
  • Power Grid Management @ 5
  • Mechanics @ 5
  • Gunnery @ 5
  • Small Energy Turret @ 5
  • Astrometrics @ 5
  • Leadership @ 5

5b Buyout

I have some more starter chars avaiable, if intrested let me know and i will do
some more Threats with offers.

Hi, I will pay you 4B B/O for the toon.

thx for your bid… but im looking for a little bit more

I will go up to 4.5bil B/O

5b and it goes on new adventures


No 4.5bill is my limit, if we cannot make a deal on that then I am out.

5b bid. Btw, if you have any other toon with a good name and not minmatar poke me

@ Queen Estoria, bid accpeted… send 'Isk and Infos where to send char and lets do the deal.

@ Dr Kris Kelvin, will send you an mail later

still intrested? anyone else?

bumb up

and up… 5b for the win

bumb up

still 5b for sale buyout

4.5B b/o isk ready…

4.75 bill

bumb up… come guys 5b and it goes for new adventures…

bumb up, still for sale for 5b…

bumb up and im onoine for fast deal… between 4,75 and 5b … make offers…

4.85 billion bid

still active your bid?