WTS 10m SP PvP Char Cyno PI Orca Purpoise Mining Boost Interceptor Covert Assault of 2013 8,5b BO

WTS this Char with 10m SP born 2013

9b buyout


He can fly some really cool ships , as example:

  • Orca
  • Interceptor
  • Cynofrigs with Cano 4
  • Covert Ops
  • Assalut Frigattes
  • Cruiser
  • Battle Cruiser
  • Destroyer
  • Industrials

He can earn money with Planetary Skills he already has, he can do some trading and can boost
Mining Ships with the Orca. Drones and Gunnery Skills are dec there, he can defend himself off course.
A dec. PvP Starter with some good core skills at 5. The Killboard is clean, just some Industrial losses.

He has 1 clone , he is in with an Basic Implant Set for the start.

He has 2 Remaps avaiable and can rermap now.

All rules accepted, and he is in NPC Corp and in Highsec

Just give some offers for this char…i will do an transfer with Cash, so it goes fast.

5 billion

5.5b offer

6 Bill

6.5 bill

thx for bids… a little bit more …

bumb up

bumb up to the top

sry for double post , had a big lag…

please see in game mail

hi, recieved, but i have to decline sry thats too low

bumb to the top

9b and it goes to new owner…

is char still for transfer

yes off course

how far from rorq

It isnt an rorq char, he need round about 50 days for rorqual…

bumb up

9b buyout now - first comes first draws

bumb to the top… 9b first comes first draws

and up … 8,5b new offer