20 PLEX gift is nice, beware the dark pattern in the NES though

First of all, the 20 PLEX gift in the NES is a nice thing, thanks for that.

What leaves a bitter taste though is the dark pattern shenanigans:

Please note that the Yoiul Crate is marked in a dark green FREE.

But all the apparent new stuff around it is marked with NEW in the exact same colour.

See the attached image.

So especially new players beware, click ONLY the crate and not accidentally one of the other things around it.

As a suggestion to CCP, why not make the NEW stuff in a lighter green colour or any other colour on the earth? Unless of course that was intentional… Then I would suggest listening less to fresh MBAs and their “great ideas” and be more of a nice-guy company.


Typical CCP UI quality. Or rather: CCP uses the tried and proven deceptive ad UI schemes to trick people into doing things they don’t actually want to. Also classic CCP UI approach to all things.


If you’re that dumb you deserve it.



or simply read the ad and notice that one has 0 cost

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Has anyone actually received the “free Plex”? I certainly didn’t

Hi, yes you need to first redeem the crate in your hanger then open the fireworks crate and click on the simple puzzle.

yep but 20 Plex is not alot really

D’Oh! I had opened the snowball crate, not the fireworks crate.

*Erects fence with signs reading



You can send me yours if you truly feel that way… :smiley:

I mean use critical thinking skills to see past the CCP deception to bait people to buy an extra pack?

It’s a hard ask in 2023.

Let the chumps buy the packs. I know how to read and that puts me above at least 90% of players.

EDIT: Grammar

Not if your grammar has anything to say about it. :smile: :joy: :rofl:

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Wise guy eah!? :sweat_smile:

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Also note that not every account will receive the free gift.

/All of my Longbuck accounts all received this gift, though not all of my Frostpacker accounts had received in the NES store it was missing.

/LIke I read that the pilot needed to had logged on to receive a gift and all, but who is this letter addressed to?

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And when did the account had to log in to receive the gift?

It adds up when you have 10+ accounts, son.

You could just click on the link in the launcher and read for yourself. It ain’t rocket science.


Some people can’t handle the high stakes pressure of the EVE-O forums. Maybe they’ve got some worthless gift for xmas or something and are now frustrated? :thinking: :blush:

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This gift is available to all of you who played from 1 Dec 2022- 21 Dec 2023, as long as your player account had over three hours of playtime throughout the year.


To Dear Princess of Highsec;

Frostpacker is excited to mention that we had followed the new New Halaima Code of Conduct throughout y124 to avoid any appearance of becoming some Bot-aspirant and we congratulate you for helping us not violate the Code. this year. Through these regulations that we had followed in y124 unfortunately we won’t be sending multiple gifts but thank you for making highsec a safe space!


only if you send me yours first lol

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