2004 - 100% PVP Focused - WH Corp. Celtic Anarchy (Dead Terrorists) Is recruiting

Celtic Anarchy are a close nit, mature PVP group with a reputation for man love and nanofibers. We don’t discriminate. You are all welcome to apply!

Our criteria is that your like minded and are EU TZ.

We avoid politics, we avoid timers and we avoid wasting our members time. We offer a setup that will allow you to casually play eve.

We’re 100% PVP focused and live in a c3 WH with a null sec static with a really good bunch called ‘Dead Terrorists’. We mostly fly Triglavian doctrines as an alliance however, Celtic Anarchy loves fast ships and as a corp we usually fly anything with 2x nanofibers.

How do you support this, your doctrines sound expensive?
If your casual, we have the best setup for AFK Isk making in the game.
If you wanna make some serious $$$ and buy your end game ship. We have some PVE grinds and other options to help you scoop that dream ship.

If this sounds of interest. Send us an o7 in ‘Celts and Friends Public’ and ask for Tridane.

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