2004 - 25m NYX holding toon

Selling me - a 2004 character with 0 lost ships (no negative killboard history)

Currently been a NYX holding alt, but can be used for greater deeds obviously.

Character is far from perfect, but a great start to mold from.

25m SP
280k in unallocated skillpoints
2 neural remaps available - decent set of training implants installed.
Positive wallet
Positive secstatus
No killrights
NPC corp when transferred
I pay transfer fee
Located in Highsec


22B starting bid, 30B B/O or best offer.

I offer 25B

I will give it one more day for bids to roll, if noone else bids its yours Madison

25.5B I Bid

Offer retracted


Still up for sale, if noone offers higher its Brown’s’s ^^

Up we go

cmon, great toon with no criminal record!

Buyout 27 mil isk but please update char info


Info updated

Due to unable to log in it is taking longer than expected to get my assetts together. I would still like to buyout but i understand if you get a buyer before i am able. Sent you in game mail as well.

I can hold it for a Day or so if you still want it, after that its up for anyone for the fixed price of 27b B/O

Seems Icetope cant work his magic at the moment

The price is now fixed at 27B B/O

Any buyer with isk ready its yours, if not else it’s Icetope’s once he can get his stuff sorted.

For a quick deal i will inject 200k worth of unallocated SP - that means a deal within a day.

27 bil agreed and sent please check in game mail

Recieved and transferred

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