2006 player leaving game


i enjoyed playing eve since 2006 but now with blackout it is totally umplayable for me

i start playing other strategy multiplayer game


Thirteen years is a good run on one game.

Hope you find something else.


Hi, can I have your characters? :slight_smile:

Echoing what Scipio said, that’s a pretty good run in the game. All the best o7.


Just curious, once you found a new game and can be bothered to do so let us know which game you’ve chosen. As you mention multiplayer strategy game as your preferred choice you might consider the space fleet strategy game Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2.


Can I have your stuff…
since only your characters have dibs on them.
Though hey, I’ll go for those too maybe.

Wow. And I have just started playing… Cannot imagine how it would be in a dozen years from now… 2031 ! I’ll be a pensioner!

I’m sure you already have a good place for your stuff, but may I suggest blueprints to Kherub’s blueprint give-away?
Or give some stuff to Mike’s Magic schoolbus.
Or something to Santa? For the X-mas party?
All those have helped me getting started.

PS: sorry to see a Khanid leave the game. I started a role playing alt a month or two ago.

I wish you happy games. :sunglasses:


No mate, in 2031 you will be awesome! And EvE will be awesome! And I will be awesome! We all gonna be awesome! But not the OP because he will be gone.


And a few decades after 2031 StarCitizen might even release. :slightly_smiling_face:


I do not get this …

I have no idea how the blackout works in practice. I am also not a strategist. But, I would have thought that the whole point of being a strategic player was in trying to figure your way around problems, exactly like the blackout?


Many of us older players (16 yrs) are disgusted that ccp instituted this blackout (not a big deal) but did not remove statistics from the map.
Ducks in a barrel
EVE is rapidly devolving into an acronym representative of todays world in general.


If you describe doing the exact same thing as before just without the perfect and free intel of local as “ducks in a barrel” then that proves pretty much what the actual problem was and why this was needed.

Now you have to actually risk something when farming the most valuable resources in the game, the horror!


Sorry, to hear. I feel with you, blackout is really really bad … unfortunately I have to stay for personal reasons. :frowning: But with all the losses because of blackout I’m almost broke now :crying_cat_face: But as you are leaving, may you just send me your ISK and stuff, so I can keep playing?

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Do you mean that the numbers of players in system is still Intelligence Information Accessible from the F10 or F11 or F12 map report, or the one that has the list of other services in system?

If so, that means that I just found a new source of information for intelligence which was already available and that I was too lazy to find out or verify and/or too stupid to even think about it.

Thank you very much great poster / player.

(It also means that anyone else who didn’t know about it will now be able to figure out how to do it, since what I just wrote even explains how to do it, and how it’s possible to have missed the boat.)

Take care, friend.

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I find you have to be way more Strategic now with Blackout. Also’ my intel channels are really active now, I like how the once silent players now feel more relevant giving info. Feels more engaging.

You had a great, long run playing a game…for enjoyment.
No shame to branch out and leave when the entertainment no longer works.
Good luck and stop by frequently on the forums to check in on the “progress”.

Indeed. Eve has always been adapt or die. Actually more like “cleverly (if not brilliantly) find a game mechanics opportunity, explore it, and cleverly (etc.) set up shop, while watching your back for other clevers.” And prosper. But I can understand OP just not enjoying the game with the blackout now. 2006 to now, you must have built up and tweaked some practices that took thought, experimentation, failures, and fine tuning.

To suddenly have a rules change pull the rug out from under a precision-tuned enterprise means going back to Go. Which means having to spend your game time starting over at basic isk earning, instead of hanging with your mates strategizing, tacticsizing, or whatever. I get it. Sudden rules change, go back to Go, a game might not be personally fun enough to log into anymore. Bah, take a break and get back in, mate.

We need Chaos to appreciate Order. Without Chaos, everything becomes stagnant, boring, uninteresting. We need to be challenged, disorganised, cut off at the knees to rebuild and become stronger. We should not run from or uninstall from Chaos. We should adapt and learn, not cry and leave. Blackout has shown who is weak, who is tired and unable and who is strong and willing to fight.

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