2016 character can't login to test server

says the credentials are incorrect? Perhaps I just have to wait longer since I have only been active for the past month? If so when is the next snapshot?

The last mirror was done Feb 15 2021. If you have changed your password since returning, then yes you will not have access until the next mirror, which could possibly be end of May or early June.

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For context on ‘when is the next mirror likely’, here are the last several mirror dates:

So it has pretty consistently been every 3-4 months for the last two years - roughly once a quarter, but the end of 2020 into start of 2021 had a longer span between mirrors than prior updates.

please do another copy. my character is from 2008 and i can’t login, wasn’t changing passwords recently. would love to participate in mac native client testing!

They won’t do another mirror until probably June - it’s a several-day process that takes devs away from actual development work. That’s why it is done roughly quarterly.

If you have not changed your password or email since before the last mirror and you still cannot log in, another mirror probably won’t fix the problem because it would be copying the same account data again. A mirror would only fix things for you if you made a change after the mirror was taken.

What happens when you try to add the account to the launcher? Are you receiving a username/password error? Are you failing to pass email verification? Do you have MFA enabled and are not receiving the MFA emails? (the last is a known issue - Sisi doesn’t have MFA support in place).

just for verification, you didn’t receive this character from another account since Feb 15 2021, have you? If so, then you still will not have access until the next mirror.

nope, i registered this account and created this character myself in 2008. i have emails from 2015 about password reset and my password from 2015 still works on tranquility. after a couple years pause i’ve renewed my subscription and started playing again some time in march this year.

I’d offer to validate your character is on Sisi, but I cannot login during mac client testing due to having an unsupported macOS version (has to be Catalina or later).

i’ll check to verify hang on…
Edit: I had to “re-add” my account that was already on the launcher… try that…

Arkhis is on SiSi

nah, still invalid login / password. might be CCP don’t update characters that are inactive to reduce amount of copying, test server doesn’t need all the data after all. i guess i’ll have to wait for next sync. thanks for help!

EDIT: ok, mystery solved, i found some older emails about password reset from 2020 and a password in another password manager which works. can’t say how did it avoid me for so long, but thanks for making me remove and try to re-add the account on tranquility :smiley:

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I was talking about re-adding the account on SiSi not Tranquility… but hey if it worked and you got on, thats all that matters :smiley:

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