2018/08/01 - Login Server Issues


(Zachri) #289

Still several accounts/characters without the SP compensation gift.

Also, still randomly having socket / disconnected issues. Which are typically followed by auth issues for the account that crashed. Sometimes killing and restarting the launcher helps. Sometimes it doesn’t.

(mark sweeney) #290

i’m really hoping it comes back up after the restart I have been unable to login since yesterday evening and I have been trying every 20 minutes for hours :frowning: I do understand its a really complicated game your managing ccp so its fair enough there will be some issues (I still love this game) just hope I didn’t lose too much with my market orders

(Sonic Fera) #291

I could log in before DT, now i cant >.<

(Bluna Wars) #292

cant login after DT

(mark sweeney) #293

finally Im back online thank you

(Kronic Omanid) #294

find the culprits and fking hardware ban them.
Hell, have them criminally charged for damage of property.

(Amarra Mandalin) #295

I just returned to the game. Not a great way to restart but at least you’re still here. :heart_eyes:

Another MMO down for maintenance, maybe 3rd one is the charm.

Good Luck to all involved.

(Wavemistress Moidel) #296

Been kicked off again, anyone else experiencing issues?

(Wavemistress Moidel) #297

Nvm must have been my end. o7

(Waldoniss) #298

i got kicked aswell

(Legion Reaver) #299

Chat server is still not connecting. Can login but keep getting the chat not connecting error went to the page with the page that lets you test if you can connect to the web page and can connect fine through browser so it’s not the firewall whitelist etc.

(Rogwar Toralen) #300

Everything was working fine for me a moment ago.

The other night using a VPN was the only way I could log in.

(Sopie Acami) #301

Now that would explain why i was getting logged off every 5-10 minutes got logged off 7 times and called it :slight_smile: hope all is well and good your end CCP Falcon :slight_smile:

(DeMichael Crimson) #302

Agree 100%, definitely a major problem. Too much downsizing and streamlining.

(MiGStalKeR) #303

Unable to connect to the login server again

(mark sweeney) #304

HI I’m unable to login again the same problem as yesterday the launcher keeps coming up with this error message ( Could not auto-refresh token, please try logging out and back into the account (username) ) should I get a decent VPN will a VPN help me login? I have a load of market orders I need to sort out

(Cassie Helio) #305

I am unable to log in again.

(Rogwar Toralen) #306

You may need to enter your user name and password again.

I believe some of these log in problems are not necessarily the result CCP negligence but related to some sort of attack on a network node, blocking, etc.

That would explain why a VPN can work. I think.

(CCP Falcon) #307

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(CCP Falcon) #308