2018 and we're still rebooting?

I know we are talking about 20 minutes here, but after all these years you guys really can’t get things to run for a few days without rebooting?


For a mission farmer extra downtime is sometimes beneficial because everything respawns. Missed the days when Ogdin’s Eye Coordination Enhancer was over 200m.

Why would they not reboot? It’s 5 to 20 minutes. Have a break, go to the toilet, eat, drink. Log back in.

Yes, even in 2018 you still reboot. If you use Windows you probably see that a lot more often.
Reboot quickly and completely clears memory of any lingering processes. The alternative would be to ‘kill’ processes; and on a large clustered system would take a lot longer to complete.

When your a owner of a game and you run it on old servers that cannot even support tidi without a reboot, you defo need to upgrade your servers, :smiley:

Some posts make you shake your head and feel the urge to violate the TOS :slight_smile:


I’m thinking a couple of crays would still have TiDi problems. Peeps would quickly find that line, and cross it. N+1 wins EvE.

–Gadget does like big numbers, though


The daily downtime is one of the best things about EVE because CCP can do maintenance at a scheduled, predictable time and not willy-nilly like other developers.

Now, it would be good if CCP also used that time to do these things.


Fortunately that’s not a case of CCP, as they run it on new servers and they indeed support TiDi without a reboot. Additionally, would you be so kind to bring in a list of developers/games where anything like TiDi is used at all? Thank you in advance.


Tranquility is quite possibly the strongest supercluster used specifically for gaming on the planet, and uses cutting edge technology nowadays.
What TQ is running now:


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