2019/03/28 @ 14:00 UTC - Forum AMA With CCP Hellmar, CEO of CCP

(Hector Riley) #98

How goes project nova? Do we have an updated date for the alpha/beta test?

Have you started to see changes in new player retention numbers since the wardec changes?

(Mourados Denver) #99

Hi CCP Hellmar, I want to say Thank you personnally to you for supporting me 9 years ago to permit to me playing EVE online when i have trouble to pay for it Because i’m in Tunisia and i havn’t any method of payement from my country.
9 Years passed and i still playing EvE thanks to your human vision and your listening to me without problems.
Thank You again and many thanks to all the CCP team who make a great work for more than 10 years.

(Merit Farseer) #100

How difficult would it be to create a corporate stock market - where corps could sell off their stock on the open market in exchange for stockholders receiving dividends from the tax rate? Would allow more players to be involved with the actions of large corps as well as introduce a neat speculation “minigame”.

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(Abathur Warfield) #101

Will CCP ever give EVE Online support for more input devices (game controllers or button boxes)?

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #102

Does CCP Hellmar know that it’s today and was supposed to start 20 mins ago?

(ISD Dorrim Barstorlode) #104

Hey folks, just so you know, the AMA is currently live and can be found at 2019/03/28 - Live AMA With CCP Hellmar!

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(Annisir Kaugan) #105

I think some of the newbro friendly corps help a lot with onboarding, Signal Cartel in particular form my experience.

(Kobal81) #106

Boxers or briefs?

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(Kobal81) #107

When is pearl abyss putting in “Gold ammo crates” on the NEX store?

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(Hun Tra) #108

You… You tease!

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(Lord Rolfski) #109

There are plenty of games that started as paid/subscription based games and ended up being successful F2P games. So it’s definitely not a strange question to ask.
And 73 million for a lousy 50K SP can ramp up the cost of your progression very quickly as an Alpha. To a point where it is simply more viable to just PLEX your account for at least a month and reap the benefits of being an Omega in the process.

(Nasar Vyron) #110

I’m more than a little disappointed in his attitude towards the effects Skill Injectors are having on the game. It really shows either an ignorance or unwillingness to recognize the proliferation of capital pilots and massive shift in (non) playstyles they have unleashed upon us and the dev teams themselves. From the reason isk has been on an increased decline compared to previous years, to the increased demand put on the plex market itself, the root of the cause is injectors and the ability to “farm” skillpoints infinitely. The problem has always existed due to the lack of large sinks (thank you PI, etc) but their implementation has sped up the process 100 fold.

There were proper and improper ways to implement such a change, they went with the wrong way. Injectors should have always been limited to Alpha (subcapital) skills to allow for the new incoming players to catch up yet still retain a “goal” to aim for with no way to skip ahead yet still catch up in every other way.
Extraction is a whole other can of worms, as anything outside of requiring all active accounts to have a cc on file to allow for linking and then placing a monthly/yearly limit on either injectors or extraction can be avoided by simply making a new account. Since the example is obviously unacceptable and too complex a task if is far more easily to simply limit injector usefulness to reduce demand therefore lowering the point at which market saturation can occur.

I’ve talked about this at length elsewhere. Again, I’m just disappointed by that answer.

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(Makshima Shogo) #111

One of the biggest problems of this thou is that cap’s are so good at everything that everyone feels they need one.

(Nasar Vyron) #112

You’re correct, they are seen as this game’s “end game” which is why I am staunch in my position about them and injectors. People need goals, those goals need to be worth while and not too OP. The problem is they accomplish both “end game” goals, sustainable income and power/prowess. Some of the actions they’re taking by nerfing their effectiveness as a solo hull is good, but these nerfs to anom ratting rates wasn’t the direction to go to handle the income portion of it. Removal of the current anomaly system and replacing with multi tiered gated anoms I feel is the way to go. One in which you cannot warp out until you complete a given room (i.e. - you can warp out once a room is complete not necessarily just the final room). I’m sure even the hunters would love that as it creates a scenario where the rooms become something of grid sized bubbled arena which could still allow for cynos from both parties to escalate and duke it out until the room is completed.

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(Lord Rolfski) #113

Hellmar’s response to the CSM representation issue was just completely lame and showed an utterly lack of understanding and frankly disdain to a significant part of player base, that feels the CSM is simply not representing them, only because they prefer a different play style than nullblock.
The current broken and corrupt CSM voting system, that’s completely over-biased to nullblock is not a solution, it’s exactly what’s causing it.

(Kipsley Caton) #114

Firstly, I’d just like to say what an amazing job you have done with this game. It is an amazing experience to play and to be a part of and I hope that the future will see Eve grow even better and more amazing.

My question that I hope you might talk about relates to players having multiple accounts (alpha and omega) that allow them to fly what I call “one-man fleets”. One the one hand, I know it makes good economic sense to allow players to do that. The more accounts they have, the more they have to pay, and the more money CCP makes. But in many facets of the game it can be a huge negative to those players who cannot (or don’t want to) do that. I tend to play as a Miner though I am skilling up towards PvP participation, but time and again I see these one-man mining fleets clearing out ice belts in under an hour, and to me (a player with one omega account and just the one avi) it is annoying.

Members of CODE can often do the same. I have seen whole fleets of CODE ships that I know for a fact are all controlled by the one person. I am by no means asking CCP to ban CODE. Quite the opposite. CODE and their activities make for a very exciting High Sec and you can learn a lot from a defeat at their hands. But I would ask that the playing field be made a level one.

I also feel that perhaps CODE, GoonSquad, and other like corporations would even benefit from a “one account, one player” format, as it would lend itself well to having to cooperate with other players in forming successful (and perhaps even more tactical) ganks. I have noted in some of their ganks when they do use one player to a ship, that their attacks are beautifully orchestrated.

Another question I would ask would be about the Tournaments. They are all about teams and the last team standing with many isk of Eve shipping being destroyed. I have played with the idea of “Racing”. For instance: using T1 Frigates and suping them up as best a player can with the available modules then racing them against other players or against the clock. Flat out drag races to and from nearby stations, or even courses that weave around and have challenges. Could be fun to those not really into PvP style destruction, and players do not have to risk losing their ships to compete.

Another avenue for speed oriented events would be perhaps the creation of “Suicide Runs”. Very much like the “Rooms” we have now where we can take a Gila in and survive waves of rats to then kill the battleship and claim the prize. But instead of shooting all the rats, it’s a race to outrun them and avoid getting shot down, only claiming the prize after the run is successfully completed and you’ve made it out alive. I don’t pretend to have all the answers to how such Races would be run or organised, but it’s just a thought and something extra that could be challenging and added to Eve.

I have an awesome T1 Frigate that does well over 5000m/s and I often take it out just for the fun of the sheer speed of the thing.

Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to bring these things to you.

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(Cpt WilliamKidd) #115

nvm bad post

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(sin Alarma) #116

firstly, this is a great initiative. My questions are as follows:

  1. What does CCP see as the ‘selling point’ for eve? By this I mean, why should people download the game and create a character.

  2. Does CCP consider either asset growth or player interaction as its primary retention tools. by this I am referring to what is a greater driver of retention isk per hour or content per hour.

  3. Does CCP see a problem with the current proliferation of capitals (what is the average percent of players (not accounts) to capital class hulls)?

  4. Is it concerning that the current mechanisms of isk generation encourage static play. By this I mean null, wormholes, missions, trade hubs all encourage a player/group to stay in one region to build up isk verses a form of resource depletion in areas which are over populated over farmed.

  5. Will Black Ops Battleships be reviewed soon?

  6. What is the place CCP expects solo PvP to occur? Right now the options are: FW, Abyssal, roaming. all of which have different pros and cons.

  7. Does CCP feel that HS bumping is ‘in the right place’. I am specifically talking to the ability for a Machariel to bump a freighter without any risk (besides HS ganking)

thank you so much for you time.

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will ccp be doing anything to fix the lag in big tidi fights that people want and then you guys can promote the game better? I know you trying to fix it but seems like ccp takes 1 step forward 2 steps back at times

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(Circumstantial Evidence) #118

Many recent questions have already been answered - review the AMA here.

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