2020 Quadrant 2 Trailer Triglavian Stuff

Wow, just saw the trailer. Let’s talk about Triglavian stuff!

What do you think about:

  • The ice planet setting
  • Growing crystalline structures on a planet
  • Suns transforming into some kind of structures
  • Gallente-empire gate shutting down
  • “Blue Desintegrators”

EDIT: Interesting quotes:
“As the sunlight casts it’s final, ever lasting shadow” Does it mean some suns will be gone forever? :open_mouth:


I was excited when the Triglavians were introduced, then they turned out to just be more PVE content. I have no energy to get excited about the stargate shutting down. It will be lame, somehow.

It seems like the triglavians invade our part of the universe from a physical perspective… like they are shaping it the way they want. It looks like they bring her own laws of nature with them. They have corrupted the laws of our universe. Is it maybe to late to fight back, once the seed is there?
IDK, but i really like where this is going lore wise. I was very sceptical of Trigs when they emerged (They just look like silly Destiny characters) but now it becomes really interesting.

Is the Ice-Planet with the amarrian structures related to lore?

To me the transforming sun feels like the Magog world ship from Andromeda … It has the same kind of vibe, idk, but a structure of this size is just unimaginable, so i think it’s something else…

I think the empire gates shutting down could really mean that… maybe gates in invaded systems will completely shut down. Maybe this will change trade routes, so Jita is for example not reachable, which I really like, because it makes the economy more decentralized.

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it was an Minmatar Gate.

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The Growing crystalline structures if you carefully watch the video are forming a protective dome over that city. The city itself if you look very closely isn’t made out of the Crystal material.

The Suns transforming into some kind of structures was shown ages ago in concept art where the Trigs built around the sun a structure to capture it’s energy, other than that I’ve not looked into it further for ages.

The Gallente-empire gate shutting down is a no brainer, the Gate pull power from the local suns, so if you cut that source of energy off by construction of a massive energy trap as noted above, you’d kill all gates in the system, and also turn planets into ice planets, unless a lava planet.

THe Blue Desintegrators is a hard one, with very little time on screen you’d be hard pressed to provide anything more than what was shown.

But the Trig have lived in dark abyssal space since the end of Jove times, and have build tech to allow them to live in dark regions, so capturing suns and turning them into massive powerplants for their planet settlements makes sense.

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minmatar gate to gallente space

Gates don’t pull energy from suns, but do require a particular gravitational ressonance between stars to function properly. you ■■■■ with the local spacetime resonance point a gate sits on, you’ve screwed the gate. That seems to be the case of what happened in the trailer. That, or the gate was shutdown by some form of hacking


Blue Desintergrator ship has what looks like the upwell corsortium logo in it.

Worth to mention that this is last chapter of invasion (as stated in email sent by CCP). So I will be expecting that trigs will settle down in New Eden for good.

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Probably the Bei - Colelie gate. Shut down that gate plus the Kaaputene - Niarja gate and you pretty much cut contiguous highsec in half. Amarr - Minmatar on one side (except Genesis) and Caldari - Gallente on the other.


We don’t know if that would be the gates to get cut off yet, could be randomly chosen by the server.
That station in the trailer looked interesting, my first thought was that it might be Jita 4-4 remodelled, but I’m not sure, didn’t look anything like the jita station.
But if it is jita, could that imply a drifter prescience there?
That would be an excellent way to shake things up in highsec, although it could be going too far

Location compared to moon is way off current jita 4-4 location. And station is already under changing of look for some time ago and newly constructed parts don’t look very similar to one on video.

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CCP won’t shut down stargates in any meaningful way. What I HOPE the video means is that the Trigs will take over a territory of their own. Perhaps in the Sivala/Madirmilire area.

Most players have chosen to maintain decent standings with all four major factions, to avoid the faction NPCs. Perhaps our ability to choose all neutral standings will get tougher soon.

Just an update about the “blue desintegrator”. If you look closely, you can see it bouncing like citadel doomsday. May this be a new weapon type to inflict damage to multiple targets? Is there the same technology behind that weapon and the citadel doomsday?

And I think the ship firing it is probably some new Concord ship?

I think the Structure is some Kind of Upwell Citadel, not Jita.

Actually the Structure around the sun is made out of what looks like triglavian symbols, so they could probably be translated.

I agree, that’s why I said it was only my first thought

Triglavian ships under the control of players spoil all impressions.
It was not necessary to give these ships to the players.

Chain lightning ?

The triglavians have invaded Colelie. Maybe this invasion will end with triglavians shutting down the Bei-colelie gate? something to watch, I guess.

The whole list of possibly isolating systems has been shown.

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