🔴 New Trailer for Zenith Quadrant 3!

So what is going on?

Watch the trailer first and then make up your own mind. Here is my over-hyped opinion. Spoiler Alert!!

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So the suns get turned into wormholes!!

I guess this will open up access to new space, probably the triglavian domain with completely new mechanics, new effects and things to do, caprutre and explore.

But this isn’t over-hyped enough. Since the last time around I was completely let down by the expansion let’s build up even more hype so we can crash deeper!!!

This will be the long promised new colonizable space and in addition to the variable wormhole connections we will be able to create stargate connections between this systems. Which will lead to completely new game dynamics in this new region of space, let’s call it trig-sec

I will be completely devastated and cry all day if this isn’t true

Please give us your own prediction about what this is all about.

P.S. red dots are still annoying AF. Remove them CCP!

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I think things might play out quite differently:

Expand for pet theory

So it’s far more likely that the Triglavians want to re-conquer their old territory in Jove space (where they originate from) as they’ve made statements to that end previously (though I’m struggling to find the specific reference).

Abyssal space is resource poor. New Eden is resource rich.

My pet theory is that they’ll set up residence in the now abandoned Jove regions and that space will finally be opened up to players.

Maybe CCP is trying to fix stars luminosity :thinking:


Guess I agree about the suns turning into a w-hole.

However I don’t think they will lead to new space that can be colonized, more likely they will be a gateway to access other K-space systems that Triglavians have conquered.

Maybe those systems will each have a different type of Kybernaut Proving Ground.

A group of Sleepers believed Jovian civilization to be a dead end. They discovered the links to Abyssal space and jumped over there, co-opting and molding the precursors of the Triglavians into a more dynamic, Darwinian, growth-through-challenge oriented society.

Now they feel Trig society is ready for a bigger challenge, and they are opening giant links to Abyssal space.

End result: effectively Abyssal Wormhole space where you have A-W-H space that operates under Abyssal conditions with native Trig challenges and new resources.

The Jovians that became the sleepers and drifters are almost certainly the “old enemy” that the Triglavians left Jove space to escape (into abyssal space. Trigs are not native to abyssal space). I doubt they’re being controlled by them, especially given that Triglavians don’t employ drones (and that’s all that sleepers are at this point, drones). Sleepers/Drifters and Triglavians do not seem to get along at all.

This makes sense to me. The Trigs want their original territory back (in Jove space). I still think that’s where the Triglavians are gonna set up shop.

I just don’t have much evidence to support the theory :laughing: However the Jove are gone and there has been observable activity in Jove space, which has never been open to capsuleers at large.

Trigs are sorting out the solar glare because ccp can’t be arsed xD


That could be possible. However then that content would only be accessible to a small portion of the playerbase. I don’t think CCP would spend a lot of time and resources on creating new content that only a few could engage with.

If those suns are being turned into w-holes, they will probably just connect to other conquered systems, basically allowing quick travel access for Triglavian and Kybernauts.

Just wanted to add that the Triglavian w-hole sun will probably lead to an Abyssal pocket that’s a nexus junction with other w-holes leading to the other conquered systems.

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you can start with it now. it’s just connection between existing places. no new whatever, nothing exiting…just like the previous stuff.

my prediction
we will get a sun ball to spin at the stations :smiley:

I’ve reached the sad conclusion, I no longer care. This month sees my last sub expire and I’ve discovered I’ve not missed playing the game over the past few months.

If Jove space is going to be opened because of this, i want the old Jove ships reintroduced to the game. The Eidolon was the coolest looking ship in game, imo.

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I predict that this will amount to a means of travel throughout new Eden - one that you need to be in good with the Trigs for - so you can raid nullsec.
Unless Mittens batphones CCP and says “no you upset my krabs” or something.

But what happens to the gate to that system? Does not the gate shut down? Or does that remain open? Without the gate to the system it’s basically WH space.

When a sun becomes a black hole, it’s not giving off light and heat. The gravity is same though, unless there is some reason the solar mass has changed. Wormholes have solar mass. Planets are not automatically sucked in, but life-bearing planets are doomed nonetheless.

So where is Sisters of Eve on this? What are they like “Who cares, we were not written into the script”?
You would think there would be a major call to run refugees out of these systems. Hint: hauling missions? A reason to actually use a blockade runner? Big time LP? Or is this just another harbinger for just another dose of krab content that’ll be min-maxed in two weeks?

Also what’s with these Trigs anyway? Did they just spring out of vats? Do they have hobbies?

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Yeah, pretty much what I’m thinking. Except for the part about raiding Null Sec, I didn’t think about that.

Will probably stay open. Isn’t that the reason they placed their insta-lock & fire guns on the gate?

Very good questions with some intriguing ideas as well, I’d venture to say CCP probably didn’t think about that aspect of gameplay.

More than likely yeah, probably be min-maxed within a week after it’s released.

There should be plenty of theories posted about that in the Forum Lore section:

I just re-watched the Zenith Trailer. I think that the narrator is a capsuleer not a Triglavian. Am I reading this completely wrong? or am I asking the right questions?

You are correct, the narrator is a capsuleer. A “Kybernaut”.

okay wow, that sort of makes the trailer hit different. Thanks!

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