20220819 - Verbindungsprobleme (Deutschland) / Connection Issues (Germany)

I had the last days console with mtr to tranquility open, here what I saw:

DTAG has at least 2 peering partner with same distance to tranquility, TATA Communication ( as6453.net ) and Level3, and the route is changing between both peerings, and every reroute to other peering will end in dc for all clients. When the route is running over TATA it is stable, always connected to as endpoint. When peering over Level3 the route will change inside Level3 network too, endpoints different IPs, and it looks like dead routes in the Level3 network itself. And ofc both peerings have different connections to the DTAG net.

When you google about the peering of DTAG, you will see they like to make money with peering, so contracts where the peering partner is paying the traffic and when doing free peering they have lower bandwith than needed for the peering. DTAG want it cheap too, so they have 50 - 100 TBit/s traffic but is only connected with 110 GBit/s to DE-CIX in Frankfurt, all other is done over direct peering.

So best solution would be to take Level3 out of the game, so only using TATA for peering from DTAG… but how… CCP can you do it?


on my end… still same issue without vpn… and as someone here mentioned… its gotten worse the last days…

before i had a high chance of getting a dc in the first 5 minutes… rarely a bit more than 5 minutes… if i didnt dc in 10 minutes, no problem for the whole afternoon…

but atm… it happens random even after 20 minutes.
So you cant feel safe atm xD…

at the beginning useing cloudflare VPN made it even worse and lead to issues useing anything what needs a internet connection…

but tryed it today again, seems start working with it now… at least i could log in 15 accounts without a dc -in the first minutes- but couse it limits my other services, i didnt do a long term check with it… (yes had to keep watching netflix :p)

its still strange… other mmorpgs - no problem
other Games - no problem
other Services - no problem…
its JUST Eve… how? why? Who is the Spy disrupting the service?
Test or Goon? xP

— Updated my Ticket with the asked before DC, while DC, after DC ping Trace.

btw didnt see ANY (IP) changes in it… so… like its not really a dc, just a dc couse of high packet loss. etc… or i just dont see the changes… oO

BTW if its Fixed since today - all i said was done and tested on 4th+5th of September on my end. didnt bother to repeat it all today and didnt log in yet for today.

are there any news?

For me it is not really possible to undock since about 5 days, much too many dc. I can’t use a vpn for all my traffic. So eve is atm unplayable for me… :frowning:

To me it looks like turning on wireguard will not end all other sessions. So they will stay outside of the tunnel until they are reset for some other reason and then start going through the VPN tunnel. Of course the longer you have the tunnel up (i.e. the longer your eve clients are logged in) the more stuff will move over to the VPN.
Sadly it doesn’t seem to be easy to VPN only a select application with WG (not sure if something like OpenVPN can do it).

I have now a solution with VPN only for eve gameserver. I’m using wireguard as VPN and there you can edit in the config what IP connections goes over VPN.


this are settings for all Traffic:

PrivateKey =
Address =

PublicKey =
AllowedIPs =
Endpoint = :

settings only for the connection to the eve server in frankfurt:

PrivateKey =
Address =

PublicKey =
AllowedIPs =,
Endpoint = : is the IP for the tranquility server in Frankfurt, when you use a VPN to London you have to change that IP to the tranquility server in London.

I would suggest to set then the DNS in the config to your DSL/CABLE Router or

the first entry in AllowedIP has to match the Interface address, in this case ist the Interface address and then is the subnet for that InterfaceIp

Important is to check before if the TCP connection to the VPN server is stable, so a VPN server in frankfurt in the cloudflare net won’t work, will have same peering problems.

I’m using as vpn server a docker container on one of my servers in Frankfurt: Create a WireGuard VPN in 10 minutes with Docker

but there are some VPN provider with wireguard too:, search on google for “rent wireguard vpn”


Thanks a lot. Seems that tranquillity IP is same when going over london so I added that and it seems to work great. Launcher is using my normal connection but it is not sensitive to this kind of route mess that DT has going on so who cares.

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can you post the actual graph?

Hi. Habe das gleiche Problem

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Any Updates on this ? There is so much risk playing with high value assets while this is going on, even the WARP VPN crashes and disconnects from time to time. Feel like there is no communication at all on this anymore and everyone just blames each other… Really dont see the point of keeping my 3 Accounts running if this experience continues.


Yeah its got pretty quiet… but i think they still on it…
i mean they asked not to long ago to use a program to log it and send them the logs.

But today i got a survey about how i would rate the support, maybe they just gave up ? dont hope so…

Only way to play eve atm is for me useing proton vpn (couse cloudflare free vpn is even worse than no vpn for me… strange coincidence)
12€ per month for vpn… only for eve… maybe if ccp lowers the price the same amount… or a vpn partnership… that would be nice… free vpn to be able to play eve :smiley:

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Same for me… still cant play without VPN :frowning:

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Hello all; posting a status update even if not much has changed. We haven’t forgotten about this issue, we are still working on this matter, but since we don’t have contractual leverage then we are trying to influence the parties involved to improve the internet and this is moving slowly.

The issue has been identified to lie between Deutsche Telekom and Cloudflare involving a carrier called Lumen (previously known as Level3 and CenturyLink) and a saturated carrier link.

CCP has a contractual arrangement with Cloudflare for DDoS Protection and various other services and then with various carriers (but not Lumen) for network traffic between CCP and Cloudflare. CCP doesn’t have contracts with Deutsche Telekom or Lumen and not with Cloudflare as pertaining to external network traffic and routing.

Deutsche Telekom doesn’t peer directly with Cloudflare but we have been encouraging that such direct peering be established since we have seen that resolve issues such as this one and in general this improves the internet – there are many internet exchanges around the world and e.g. CCP connects to LINX in London in addition to the carriers we have. Unexpectedly then Deutsche Telekom expects to be paid for this direct peering even if the peering would be reciprocal and benefit both customers of Deutsche Telekom and Cloudflare equally.

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On the one hand, please see my post above 20220819 - Verbindungsprobleme (Deutschland) / Connection Issues (Germany) - #58 by CCP_Explorer.

On the other hand, we can only eliminate Level3 on the network path between us and Cloudflare and we have already done so a while back to resolve connection issues for EVE players in South America and Mexico. We did so by making Level3 a “least preferred” carrier in our carrier and BGP setup resulting in our network equipment never routing across Level3. Instead we use GTT, TATA, Zayo, Telia and LINX.

But we don’t control Deutsche Telekom’s network equipment or carrier setup.

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Tranquility is fronted by Cloudflare’s DDoS protection and TCP proxy and so always has the same address across world, tranquility.servers.eveonline.com //, but you are routed to the nearest Cloudflare colo.

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That’s great. It means that this wireguard setup is perfect. It VPNs only EVE while all other things use the normal routing.
Mine is rock stable with VPN to London (yes it costs a bit of money but I was paying it anyway). It also worked with free ProtonVPN (it has option to download wireguard profiles for free tier in NL and then the only thing needed is to edit AllowedIPs line to what was mentioned above by Gualu). Eve doesn’t use much bandwidth so limitations of free tier are not an issue.

Edit: Grammar

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I missed this one. Imagine DT being a ■■■■ company. Who could have guessed that. Worst part is that my alternate IPS is even worse… Yeay for German internet.