20m Leadership (Loki) 17b bid, 19 B/O

As the title states:

  • Just over 20m SP
  • Mainly Leadership skills
  • Can fly a cloaky hauler as well
    -256k unallocated SP



  • Offers start at 14b
  • Buyout 19b

1 Jump-clone in lowsec
Set of low-grade Jackals + RF Fleet command mindlink
No kill-rights
Positive wallet
0 Sec status

I’ll open at 14 bil.

Nice toon. Love the leadership.

14.5b isk ready.

15b offered

Thanks for the bids so far.
Let’s see if we can’t get a bit higher


16b isk ready


Thanks for the bids so far.
I am hoping for a bit more, as extracting plus PLEX value seems to be around 16.4b, so lets see if we can’t get a bit above that

EDIT: Offer withdrawn.

Aight, here’s what we’re going to do

Auction ends in two days (17-05) at 1800 EvE time.

If anyone wants to end it early, I will take a 19b buyout

Let’s see if we can’t get another bil or two

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