20m sp for sale - Tonight ONLY for 12b. offer ends at downtime

20,285,066 SP ( -5m sp for base, leaves 15.2m sp, or roughly 30 large skill injectors. At current jita market price, that is 20.4b.)
Positive Wallet
0/1 Jump Clones (reverted to alpha, can have 3 as omega)
NPC corp (just dropped corp)
Located in Jita 4-4
111 Skins

Mainly an exhumer mining character, with 4 industrial command, 4 in mining boosts specialization, and a rag tag bunch of other skills. Have Lai Dai research agents unlocked

Buyout is 15b, which is 5.4b less than you’ll get from extracting this character. For any lowball, unreasonable offers, there will be a 1.8b service charge for me spending my cash to give you this character.

For Tonight Only, I will accept 12b for this character. That’s a profit of 8 billion isk.

So lemme get this straight. You want me to pay you 12bil for a toon for me to extract, which will cost an additional 13,170,000,000… putting me at over 25 bil to extract only to recover 21,060,000,000, or in essence, LOSE 3.4bil. K thx bye.

So lemme get this straight. You want me to give you a character for a couple billion isk, for you to extract, which I will apparently be paying for. Putting me at over a year of subscription to build a character you want to make billions on, and pay me next to nothing? Or, in essence make you wealthy for nothing?
K thx bye.

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No no… I don’t WANT to buy it. I was simply pointing out the fallacy in your math and the fact you’re trying to take someone for a fool. k thx by.

8,5 b offer

9b offer

10b ISK Offer

sorry folks, i asked the isd’s to delete this post because i’m not willing to deal with lowball offers. I’m extracting myself. For some reason though, isd’s havent deleted this post, even though i already started extracting skills.

so, you’re not here to buy any characters, but want to whine about the cost of extraction? go away, troll.

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3b cash on hand

I’ll give you 2bil, a two-day old hot dog, and some pre-chewed bubble gum.

Don’t blame you, people just think of the extraction Value, what about the skins, what about the implants, what about the standings etc, there’s a lot more to a character then SP

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