20msp Rev Pilot - Focused JDCV


Can fly Rev
Can use all T1 Guns/T2 Siege
strong core skills
Remap available: Now

Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
No jump clones
Character in high-sec
I pay the transfer fee

Starting: 25b
B/O 30b

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15 Bil ready !

20B offered

21b ready

Not quite there yet, we’re getting close though.

I can do 22b max , ready .

Can you do 24?

22 B is pretty good for 19.5M Sp .

Fair point, lets do it.

Sure .

Send isk and account name i’ll get that started ASAP for you. 22b

accept ingame convo .

Isk and account info sent !

received, starting transfer

Transfer started. I did not get a confirmation email on my end, but I have the receipt. I hope they still do confirmation emails on your end.

Update: Received the confirmation email.

Transfer mail received . Thanks for the deal o7

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