21.5+ Vargur marauders

(Amanne Misa) #1


(Beekillrz) #2

You didn’t gave password for EveSkill

Assuming your SP are right i’ll offer 17.5b

(Amanne Misa) #3

Continuing the discussion from 21.5+ Vargur marauders:


(Amanne Misa) #4

Continuing the discussion from [21.5+ Vargur marauders]


(N-Light Wu) #5

is this still online?

(Amanne Misa) #6

yes[quote=“N-Light_Wu, post:5, topic:83233, full:true”]
is this still online?


(N-Light Wu) #7

18o/b If you accept this offer, I will pay you in 12 hours.

(Amanne Misa) #8

okay, i tired of selling

(N-Light Wu) #9

deal, i will send 18bil and account info to you,please check it.

(N-Light Wu) #10

ISK and info sent.

(Amanne Misa) #11

ok, sry, i sleep)

(Amanne Misa) #12

what is the next step?

(Amanne Misa) #13

sorry I did not know that you can not transfer pleх( I returned the money

(N-Light Wu) #14

are you here ?and Why I need to pay plex?

(Amanne Misa) #15

well, I’m going to share, there asking 20$, but I thought like before 2plex…

(N-Light Wu) #16

If you want to share it, you have to pay that 20$ yourself.
so do you still want to sell this character?

(Amanne Misa) #17

what’s it gonna cost me?

(N-Light Wu) #18

You have to spend 20$ in all

(Amanne Misa) #19

I don’t have them, I planned the plex. if you wish to pay, then the price will be 15b as the price 2plex(3kkk)?but I don’t know if it’s possible.

(N-Light Wu) #20

If you want to sell, please give me a final price for isk

I’m afraid I don’t accept another 15 bil