21m SP Caldari Miner with Gallente transport

I’m for sale!

Almost 22m SP’s - Check me out [EvEboard]http://eveboard.com/pilot/SpaceGirl_Spiff)
PwD: 123456

Can fly Gallente class Spacetransports.
Perfect Expedition miner - Gas, Ice and regular mining.

Looking for 20bil, but are open for valid offers.

Password to eveboard?



17 would be best.


15 and it is yours …

15b overpriced. 13.9b is the maximum I can give.

Ok - loggin in in a few min’s \o

I’m In game now for trading :wink:

I’m sorry, I didn’t online today afternoon.
If you accept my offer, I will send ISK and account name Sunday morning.
Please, leave message here.


Yes let’s do business. :wink:
As there is no other offers since your last post.

I need a few more hours for ISK transfer.

Hi, ISK sent. account info sent.
Please, start the transfer.

Isk recieved, account info verified, character transfered.

Take good care of her. Thank you for the business.

Best regards and season greetings


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