22 Million Skill Player SOLD

Toon has 22 million in skill points and is ready to run missions or pvp competently.

Location: Jita 4-4
ISK: 4mil

Asking 10 billion ISK


skill board states she is in 87th Cal… corp but has been returned to default NPC corp.

Can the character in question confirm on forums that they’re being sold?
It’s required under character bazaar rules

10B ISK is ready

Jenova Calissi is my alt.

Deal. Sounds good. I’ll have the transaction done within 2 hours.

@Bitrute send account you want it transferred to and I’ll let you know when to send the isk. Transfer will happen immediately after ISK is received.

Offer 10.5

who wants it?

offer 11B

You must confirm with the toon for sale. Not an alt, offer 11.5

You got it. 11B. Please send email ingame.

ISK and account info has already been sent. Transfer has started. Cannot go back now.

Bitrute, did you send the ISK to Jenova Calissi? Or Sasha Makarovnik? If you sent it to Sasha, she is NOT the character for sale. I will return the ISK if you sent it to her. But if you sent the email to Sasha, I’ll use that.

Ok. You know what? Thats where the ISK was going anyway so I’ll start the transfer. Wait one.

Unless you thought Sasha was for sale?

I did not think Sasha was for sale. I thought Jenova was for sale. I have proof of this in mail I sent ingame. 22m SP purchasing for 11B. ISK has already been sent to Sasha like you wanted.

The Character Bazaar has rules for exactly this reason folks. You can read it over here.

confirm 11b received, mail received, and transfer started?

It says that “target user has too many characters”

Do you have another account I can send Jenova to? Or you’ll need to delete a character and in that case, I’m going to send the ISK back until the slot is open for a new toon.