24.4 mil t2 rorq pilot

(Marcus Algaert) #1


(Tisha Kurvora) #2


(Leela Norris) #3

toon is not in NPC corp… check the rules of this forum

(Marcus Algaert) #4

he will be put into one before transfer, cant use client until tommorow

(Leela Norris) #5

Just FYI

(Captain Bo) #6


(Tisha Kurvora) #7

24bil (pls see Leela’s post though)

(Captain Bo) #8

25bil (pls see Leela’s post)

(Marcus Algaert) #9

25b highest offer, eaving corp now, and auction ends 24 hrs after no bid.

(Xandra Mikakka) #10

27 bil b/o valid for 72 hours

(Tisha Kurvora) #12


(Marcus Algaert) #13

You win. Transfer isk and send info, Ill send in support ticket in about 8 hrs

(Tisha Kurvora) #14

Isk and account information sent :slight_smile:

(Marcus Algaert) #15

ticket put in.

(Tisha Kurvora) #16

Fabulous, I’ll let you know when I’m notified

(Marcus Algaert) #17

Hi, GM Ix here,

I have now transferred Marcus Algaert from the *********** account to the ********************* account in line with your request. Payment of 1000 PLEX was taken from *************'s vault.

If you require any further assistance please don’t hesitate to ask.

Best Regards,
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(Tisha Kurvora) #18

Character received (props for the quick and smooth transaction)

(Marcus Algaert) #19

np. im still logged into him for some reason, Ill log out now

(system) #20

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