24mil SP Ratting/Dictor/CovCyno/PvP

(Cartimus Nosha) #1

*Can fly Sabre
*Can fly VNI with T2 Heavy drones
*Can use Covert Cyno
*Can use smart bombing Rokh w/Energy pulse weapons 5 :smile:
*Good core skills (Advanced weapons upgrades to V)
*Can fly Tengu in 1 hour
*3 Tengu subsystems to 5 (Caldari Offensive Systems to 1)
*256,000 un-allocated SP

Positive wallet
No kill rights
2 Bonus remaps (Next normal remap on 23/9/2017)
Positive Sec Status
Located in Jita


Starting bid 15bil
B/O 20bil

(kopay-so mnoy) #2

i cant see any eveboard links here.
if u show mw ur eveboard link i think we can deal

(Darkness Yassavi) #3


(kopay-so mnoy) #4

17 bill as B/O is ready )

(Cartimus Nosha) #5

Thanks for the bid.

Hoping for a bit more :money_mouth_face:

(kopay-so mnoy) #6

anyway … i can give 20 bill max. this is my last word.
20 bill as BO no more no less )

(Cartimus Nosha) #7

Deal, please send ISK and details and will transfer asap.

(Cartimus Nosha) #8

Bump, character back up for sale.

(Anakin Olacar) #9

I can buy it in 2 hour when i get home you will need to extract some sp wich i dont want, you will end making 23b from this char tell me if you are interested

(Cartimus Nosha) #10

ingame mail sent

(Cartimus Nosha) #11

Still for sale


what would you take right now to finalise this ?

i would give you 18

(Cartimus Nosha) #13

20bil b/o


i can only offer 18bill

(Cartimus Nosha) #15

19 and you have a deal

(Cartimus Nosha) #16

Still for sale

(Cartimus Nosha) #17