26.5mil Tengu/Rattng/Dictor/CovCyno/PvP

*Can fly Sabre
*Can fly VNI with T2 Heavy drones with Gal cruiser 5
*Can fly Tengu with all subs to 5
*Can use Covert Cyno
*Can use smart bombing Rokh w/Energy pulse weapons 5 :smile:
*Good core skills (Advanced weapons upgrades to V)

Positive wallet
No kill rights
2 Bonus remaps and normal remap available now
Positive Sec Status
Located in Amarr


Starting Bid 15bil
B/O 21bil

15.0 b

16 bil

16.5 b

18 bil

Thanks for the offers

Character still for sale

Character still for sale.

18.5 bil

19 bill

Thanks for the offers, hoping for a little bit more

Character still for sale

Still for sale

Lowered buyout. Still for sale

21 Bill B/O

Buyout accepted, please send isk and account info

isk and account info sent

Isk and Info received. Character transfer is done.


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Pilot received. Thanks!

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