25.7m Highly focused pvp pilot with great core skills


Skill Highlights

  • All 4 faction frigates at lvl 5
  • Gallente destroyer / tactical destroyer lvl 5
  • Gallente Cruiser lvl 5
  • Assault Frigates lvl 5
  • Perfect Gunnery supports with specializations at lvl 4
  • Lvl 4 interceptors / heavy assault cruisers

Skin Highlights

  • I have no kill rights for or against me
  • I am currently specialized 4 pts in intelligence and perception and 3 pts in memory / willpower for general training with 0 remaps available

Starting bid 23b

you want to stick what in my bump?

I’m dying rn

What What in my bump?

19b buyout (I know its under your asking price, but i think my offer is a fair price)

send me a pm if you want to chat


Bump it now Bump it good bump this post just like you shoud

Bid at 21b

You wanna see some BUMP I wanna see some BUMP so keep them BUMPS coming and that’s going to make me BUMP


Bid 22B on the condition that will meet this rule:

The character being sold must be in an NPC corporation at the time of posting, and for the entire duration of the sale/auction thread being active.

23b buy out

24B B/O

25B B/O

26B B/O

Thank you for the bids I am going to continue to watch the thread for a little while longer with an instant buyout now set at 28b

I’ll go up to 27B if you will accept that

I’ll accept 27B Send isk and account info for transfer @Ella_Goose

Will do, currently at work. I’ll be online in about 2 hours to send account info and isk

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ah missed it was on the commute home, would have done the 28 but hay ho will keep looking

shout me if you have another toon like to Valk


@Valklear_General_Lynx Account and Isk have been sent =D

isk and acc named received. Won’t have a chance to move assets until kids go to sleep in a couple of hours, will get the transfer rolling this evening

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