PvP character
-2.99 sec status
No kill rights
Positive wallet
Located jita 4-4

When is the next remap?

Next remap is not until March 2019

2b isk and open slot ready

Daily Bump! Looking for a little bit more

3.2B , or how much is a little bit more?

B/O has been added.

Would’ve got it for 5b if theres an extra remap tho

Yeah, you can get a lot more for this toon if you wait until March 2019 when there is a remap available.

I’m not sure why you wasted your only remap 2 months ago moving to a really bad attribute layout. This toon is now totally useless for SP farming and will also be a headache for anyone who buys it thinking they can train anything at all very quickly because of the remap you chose.

If I were you I’d hold it for a year, then sell it, when it has a lot more value to people with a remap available.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

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If your offer still stands, I’ll accept 3.2B, send isk and account info

Bump to the top haven’t heard from buyer.
Need to sell this character!

I can do 3B mate. About to go … but if your online we can get this started…

I’ll accept 3B currently at work will be home in about 7 hours.
You can send isk and account info, and when I get home I’ll start the transfer immediately!

Good timing. I’ll do that now. I appreciate it!

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I’ve sent 3B isk to Valklear General Lynx. I’ve also sent a private message (mail) in game with account name. Cheers!

Nice toon, 4b if posible.

Roger that! Will start transfer when I get home from work immediately. Approximately 5 hours from now.

great! Looking forward for it

Transfer is started, you should receive an email. Should take 10 hours to complete.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Got it. Cheers!