Jita 4-4

No kill rights
Positive wallet
Positive sec status

209,215 Unallocated Skill Points

3 remaps

66m sp in Gunnery


I’ll offer you 120B Voyager22.

Thats the same price you offered a 175m sp toon. Thanks for the offer but its a touch low.

Its all I got…

130 bill

Thank you for the offer.

I will take 140b b/o :slight_smile:

ok maybe some one will offer that, my offer still stands :slight_smile:

You meet me half way? 135b

132.5 tops :slight_smile:

Lets do it.

Send isk and mail me the account to transfer to.


cool, give me 20min to prep

isk and acc info sent ingame

I received ISK and mail. Thanks Fly safe

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Voyager22

Will be completed after: 9/29/2021 2:13:10 AM

Confirmed: Character Transfer Received
Thank You!

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