25 jumps PI networking skill

I would like to see a skill for us for PI with a Range bonus 25 Jumps. i am over keep jumping one gate to put pi into Customs office.

A skill book like called Advance Remote Sensing networking, same as 25 jumps for Supply Chain Management for building and Scientific Networking and only Enables once you are level 5 on Remote Sensing.

it may not be for everyone. but just an idea.


25 jumps?
Why that far?

No you have to visit the system do that so you can be blown up if your PI is in low/null.

That’s the whole point.

The current system makes it harder for you to use the customs office as an extended storage system.

Whilst PI is passive, CCP have been thoughtful enough to put mechanics in place to limit our ability to keep the passive income flowing with minimal effort and/or from a distance.


What i would like is courier contracts that include custom offices.

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