25 Minutes of me Complaining About Monetization

Tired of reading all the complaints about the plex ad being shown to newbros?

Well, now you can listen to complaints about the plex ad being shown to newbros. Now with 300% more complaining!!!

For real though, I provide my opinion on several recent monetization methods that I don’t like. However, it’s not just a rant. Of course, I am a little upset, but I did try to be fair and understanding. And there was a purpose to this other than just to complain. I’m trying to push back against monetization that I don’t like in the hopes that I might be able to influence things. I know many people disagree, but I do honestly believe that the devs listen to players. They may not always agree with what we have to say, but I do think that they listen.

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Ha ha ha. Good luck!

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