250 fittings saved .. what now?

i really enjoy having a lot of fittings saved but after 250 its over
ok i have corpfittings too but sometimes i modify a fitting for something and i want to save and keep it
if you use a lot of different ships (small ships) you really get 250 fast
also i use the “import to eve” function on zKillboard a lot to test fittings for me

question is:
is there a reason for the limit to 250 fittings or is it just a number and can it be changed?


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It would depend on how much storage they want to commit to saving everyone’s fitting. If the fitting limit is 250 then the workload on the server for retrieving the data is limited.

Have a look at exporting fittings to a folder on your PC and the deleting it from Eve. You could import the fits as and when needed. Using this method you’ll have unlimited fits.

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hmpf … ok i will do that …


You can also just use your ingame Notepad to list your fittings, as it will maintain the linked fits.
Ditto with ingame mail.
You can also link them on your character info tab.

This limit is trivial with these options.

Tools like pyfa also allow you to save as many fits as you want that you can reference whenever you want. I typically import from pyfa into Eve for buying fits and don’t even bother saving them in-game.

I had problems with this when in RvB. I was trying to create fits for the frigates of each race. The goal was 2 basic fits that would work with next to no skills. Then I wanted 2 advanced fits with t2 mods that better shower the ships primary roles. So 4 fits per frig per race. Then add in dessies and cruisers and well… I had all sorts of problems. Deleting is slow and I couldn’t easily batch import to corporate fits.
One of those areas where some ui work and extra features would be nice.

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yea atm i save it in the notepad
one note for each shipclass

i have tryed the export and reimport but that is not very usefull

for now i will use the notepad … it is clearer then the list in the eve fittingtool anyways but … saving more fits would be nice …
i often give fits to corp guys … so i save a lot of them

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