Bookmark folder/Ship fitting crossover idea

There are 358 ships in the game, but a person can only have 250 personal fits.

People resort to creating alt corps just for the corp fitting slots, or copy-paste from Pyfa on an as-needed basis. Even if we assume one fitting per ship, CCP’s game design forces us to forego nearly 30% of the ships in the game.

If we look at the bookmark overhaul, there is a sensible solution to this. Give us ship fitting folders that operate under the ACL.

It offers benefits on the personal level, as well as corp and even coalition level. “Doctrines in a Box”, essentially.

Newbro-centric corps would be able to include day-one fittings in the welcome mail or corp bulletin, making it easier for new players to contribute right away.


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That’s not really realistic.

I have some ships with many fits. And many ships with 0 fits.

With 358 ships in the game, I think the amount of characters that can fly all of them is very low. Some veterans with more SP than they know what to use for may be able to fly all those ships, but even they don’t have the time to fly all those ships.

People don’t need a fit for every ship. People need a fit for every ship they fly ingame. If you hit the 250 limit, you’ve got a lot of old fits that can be deleted.


I had the same kind of push-back when the bookmark overhaul was on Sisi being tested. At the time, I had 18000+ bookmarks.

I comb through my fits once a month. None of them are outdated. Some are old but still functional. Between alts and my main I have 418 fittings (about 10 of those are citadel fits)

I buy my pvp ships 1 at a time, usually with huge variety. Some ships have many fittings, particularly gallente ships and drone boats. The Myrmidon can be tanked in 3+ different ways and is competitive with neuts, autocannons, hybrids and pulse lasers. That’s 7 fits right there, on one ship.

I know the feeling, I experiment a lot with fittings and have the same experience. Tens of different variations of Ishtars, Dominixes even though I rarely rat. And T3 cruisers are even worse.

I do all that in Pyfa though, as I’ve found it much easier to create fits in there rather than ingame, with better insight in the amount of CPU and PG the modules take.

As a result, out of those dozen fits for those ships I only import one or two to the game that I actually use.

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