Fitting Limits and Shared Bookmark Limits

250 Fittings seems like a lot. But you added jove ships which can have 5 decent fits each (gnosis, praxis). Tech 2 ships, faction ships, SOE ships, trig/edencom ships. Haulers, primea and noctis. Command ships and t3. Even citadels and jump gates all have saved fittings. But you never inceased the fitting limits.

I dont even have 1 fitting per ship and I am maxed out. It is annoying since I dont have any minmatar fittings I dont fly minmatar. All my fittings are pvp since I dont have room for pve.

Shared bookmarks are the same. We need to increase the amount of shared bookmarks allowed. Because we have wormholes now and thera.

Its time to increase the amount were allowed to have…


I was thinking this is just a computer science problem on CCP’s part. Then, epiphany. Export your fittings to the clipboard, paste them into text files and save them on a thumb drive. You’ll be able to have as many fittings as you want then. You will have to have an “active set” vs “backed up set”, but it will work. Sometimes the text version of a fitting is quicker to read.


Ditto on the fittings limit. :-1: :-1:

Just use PYFA and you can have as many fittings as you want, in addition to an easier time comparing fittings and certain performance aspects. You can copy and paste fittings to/from the game and PYFA.

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