Increase ship fit limit PLEASE!

Please increase fit limit.
250 fits is just not enough.
500 would be acceptable.
I think there are over 300 ships so why would there be only 250 fits max?!
Eve is certainly not bringing new players in so it is fair to assume there are a bunch of us older players who can fly at least most if not all sub-caps. We should be able to save at least 2 fits for each ship type.

Please CCP expand this. Pretty please!!!


You can export via ESI or file and manage with GitHub - pyfa-org/Pyfa: Python fitting assistant, cross-platform fitting tool for EVE Online

Perhaps they could charge for more “slots” like other MMO’s do to expand your fitting storage for the price of a few hundred PLEX.

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I mean, if they have to gouge for extra slots I will pay, but they are charging an extra $5 a month as of May 17th so you would think they could give us a little extra storage for to be quite frank…a ridiculous subscription hike in a game that has been losing players steadily since the end of WWBII.

Its probably hard coded into the game like POSes are. Extra saved fit slots probably would allow you to undock two ships at once or be in two places at once or something.

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