2FA with third-party apps?

Does CCPs Two-Factor Authentication allow the use of a third-party app to generate the OTP, like a Yubikey or a password manager that can generate OTPs? Or does it require some proprietary app to be used like Steam does?

And another question, do they provide recovery codes when you activate it, in case the 2FA device gets lost or broken?


It’s industry standard TOTP.

Works with pretty much everything :smiley:

Google Authenticator
Authy (my preferred option)
keepass totp

And so on. Pretty much anything which allows for scanning of the QR code. (or entry of the key. keep a copy of that somewhere.)

Authy is my preference because you can get it to back up to their cloud (encrypted with a password that never leaves your device). Means that if your phone explodes, as long as you have the same phone number, you can recover it easily. Or just transfer it over.

No recover code is provided. But if you have the key, you can enter that on another device. so keep a copy of that somewhere secure.

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Sounds great, thanks. So they provide the key directly as well, in case I cannot scan the QR code?


It’s also possible, when setting it up, to provide the key yourself.

I’d not recommend creating a key yourself, but if you have multiple accounts, you can copy it from the first, to the other accounts, to have a single token. (it’s less secure, sure. But it’s a lot more convenient, without losing much security.)

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Yep, I saw that you can provide the key yourself, just wasn’t sure if I needed one generated by CCP first to copy it over to another account, or if I can just define my own one.

Anyway, the important thing is that I can copy the key manually and put it into any standard-compliant TOTP generator.


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