WHY does the launcher ask me for a verification code every time I try to log any account on, and how can I disable this

You actived 2fa somehow.

I’m having the same thing happen. What is 2fa?

It means two factor authentication and usually consists of your password and a pin number that is randomly generated.
Google uses this and there is an app for android phones that generate those pin numbers.

Anyhow, once I verified my account, why do I have to verify again each time I log on?

My Launcher ask me too, but no matter how many times I typed, it always said incorrect (which works fine on Tranq)

Does anybody know what happen ?


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Seems like Sisi wants a verification code different from the one used on Tranq. Disabling 2fa on the account management page didn’t help either, Sisi still asked for the verification code. I’d really like to know how to solve this as I also found myself locked out of Sisi.

Same problem here.
Can you pls do something about it @CCP?
I can’t use Sissi for 6 months now. :frowning:

I have not had 2fa on at all and it asked me for a code. @CCP please figure this out. I missed something important that I had to do for my alliance and corp because of it.

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