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Not sure if this needs to be posted here or in the General Issues subforum.
Anyways …

Every fresh session, depending on the last server used, e.g. TQ, logging in to Sisi requires a verification mail. If the last server was Sisi, then TQ requires a verification mail. And that several times per day…

Sounds to me like you have 2-Factor Authentication active. You could try turning it off and see if the issue persists.

Don’t turn off 2FA, it’s there for your protection. Moreover, that behavior is not caused by 2FA, because I have it enabled, and don’t have to deal with that every time I change servers.

So what is causing it? Dunno. Can only suggest generic troubleshooting steps, starting with fixing file permissions. Past that, you can try making a support ticket. I don’t think they’ll help you with test server stuff, so maybe leave that part out, and just mention that you frequently to input verification codes when you get on TQ.

And if you do get it figured out, please come back and tell us what you did. Might help the next guy with the same problem.
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