I can log into TQ just fine. When I switch to SiSi, it’s sending me a verification code… That never arrives. I have not changed my password in years, so it’s not a mirror issue… Need help.


check your spam folder

I have the same issue for days. And no, it did not go to spam… It just never arrives for some reason.

On the other hand, my other account, on log in to Test does not show the message for auth. code at all… Dunno what to say

Two factor authentication is flaky on SISI. Just do a search and you will find many posts on the subject.

It seems the only way around it is to disable 2FA on your account.

Yeah, I’ve heard that 2FA on the test server is flaky as well. However, I recommend not turning off 2FA. And if you do turn it off just to get on the test server, I recommend turning it back on when you’re done.

Also, do a search for noreply@service.ccpgames.com just to make sure the email didn’t end up in any weird places. Like I’ve sometimes had them show up in the promotions folder in Gmail.

Why not stop being risk averse. Man up and use TQ ?


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