Eve 2FA Update - Now you have no excuse

Edit: The Sisi issue mentioned below is a problem for some people. If, however, you don’t use Sisi with that account (which does appear to be the vast majority of accounts) it’s not a problem. CCP are aware of the 2FA issue some people have with SiSi, and it is being looked at.

To make sure more people see this:

On the authenticator page https://secure.eveonline.com/Authenticator/ it is now possible to provide your own seed for your 2FA.

This isn’t of use to people who only have a couple of accounts, as just having a couple of 2FA entries in your authenticator app (Use Authy! Set it up to backup to the cloud! and keep a copy of the key/seed in your password store!) isn’t a big deal. For people with 5+, it becomes more of an issue.

For those people, they can now use the same 2FA entry for all their Eve accounts. It’s a touch less secure than individual tokens for every account, but it’s better than no tokens at all. Just set up 2FA on one account, and take a copy of the key provided when you do. It’s just below the QR code. (or go to an account you already have with 2FA and hit the display QR code link. that’ll show you the key/seed)

Then, go through each of your other accounts, and set up 2FA, putting that key in as the seed. It’ll prompt you to verify with the generated code, so you can check it’s working. if you’re paranoid, check it with an incognito browser window too.

Tada! 2FA on all your accounts, without fifty million entries in your authenticator app. (again, Authy is a good one, with backups. And you can get a copy on your laptop if you want to)


Unless of course you want to access SISI … then you can’t.

For any CSM / ISD / DEV that wants to disagree have a read down the Test Server forum for “unable to verify” threads. I’ll even start you off …

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There’s also a workaround:


It also seems not all of the CCP Devs have forgotten their forum passwords.

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They really do anything to make it even more easy for all those botters that they claim to fight against…

It’s so obvious it really hurts.

Except nope.

I requested this. Nothing to do with botting.


You can’t be serious about this.

Anything that makes it easier for multiple account users only helps the botters,may it be the launcher that allows log-in for multiple accounts or this “identification tool” for multiple accounts.

You just have to log in with a “clean” account and you’re free to bot with all others.

If you don’t see this or don’t want to see this possibility you’re just spitting out propaganda.

There are better ways to fight bots than not bringing QoL updates for normal players.

No idea what you mean. It only change that you don’t need 20 authenticator entries for 20 accounts but just one to make it easy and clean. Afik don’t change anything in way you launch game and multiple accounts. Launcher take care of it.

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