Two Factor Authentification questions

(Temmet Vuld) #1


I’ve got some questions regarding 2FA and I hope, you can help me answer them:

  1. Is there something like a “trusted device”, so I can access my accounts on one or more computers I use regularly, without entering the code each time?

  2. I have more than one account and want to set 2FA on every account. Do I have to enter a different code for each time I log into the game or can I have one and the same authenticator code for all accounts? How would I tell the codes for the accounts apart, if that’s not possible?

  3. This does not prevent people from logging into the game client by circumventing the launcher. That is a legacy issue that we were unable to fix this time around.

–> (From the page linked above) Is that fixed already? If not, what’s the point then?

Maybe I’ve misunderstood that completely. If I’d design it, it would be like:
Every account with 2FA, which is added to the launcher for the first time on a machine, must be authenticated with two factors once, then not any more.
That means, after the accounts are entered in the launcher, I don’t need to use the 2FA any more, but if anyone else wants to enter them to their launcher, it won’t work, as they don’t have access to the 2nd authentication.

Can someone confirm it’s like this? That would be awesome!

(Black Pedro) #2

It works like that. You only have to enter the code once per computer if you check the box to save the token. If you also save your password you can just click once and it opens your account, and you can even use the ‘play all’ button to open multiple accounts with one click.

You do have to use a different code for each account though. Just put the account name into the Authenticator app so you can find the correct one.

As for the circumvention I think they fixed that when they phased out the old launcher but you would want the two-factor anyway to prevent people from logging into the account management website.

(Lulu Lunette) #3

It does work really slick and it’s a good idea to set it up as soon as possible. CCP and it’s apologists that work in IT have zero sympathy and basically condone hacking. :grimacing:

So protect yourself! :blush:

(Steve Ronuken) #4

1: you can tell it to trust that computer when you put in the code. it only stops trusting it if it moves to a different ip range. (not likely to happen in regular use. unless you’re traveling all over the world)

2: it’s separate codes for each account. when you load them into your authenticator app, they tend to be tagged with your account name (it’s embedded in the image to be used as the name of the code)

3: this is no longer an issue. you cannot log in without the launcher any more.

(ISD Max Trix) #5

The only hacking the CCP condones is the ones you do in data sites.

(Lulu Lunette) #6

They won’t do anything for the victim. I guess the only law is not getting caught applies.

(Temmet Vuld) #7

Thank you all, I’ll set it up tonight! <3