Literally the Stupidest Feature in Eve Online 💢

Literally the Stupidest Feature in Eve Online :anger:

  1. I do not work for the NSA.
  2. My computer/network at home is adequately protected.
  3. I do not want to go through “extra” steps to log into my accounts.

I have, “Authenticator” disabled. Is there a way to actually disable this feature while using a PC to log into an account?

*I’m not talking about the client launcher. I’m talking about logging into the to access my account information. My launcher works fine. :comet:

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When your account gets hacked and you come to the forums complaining “where my isk?!!” with a CCP ticket in toe, please link this thread.


When you’re lucky will you get an e-mail with a numeric code. Once you enter the code will it stop asking you and you won’t have to reenter it.

When you don’t get an e-mail, because CCP’s software is actually quite horrible here, then you need to contact and ask them to check what’s wrong. Their software sometimes marks you as inactive when it fails to deliver to your e-mail address and simply stops there.

When you’re using Chrome as your browser then avoid the incognito-mode, because CCP’s login will ask you for a new code every single time. Without the incognito-mode will it use a cookie instead and no longer bother you about a verification (it’s also how it works with the launcher).

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If you think this feature will stop a good hacker you’re in for a rude awakening.


And you are software security expert in that matter?

You really don’t understand how this works.

The short answer is no; the only way to turn it “off” is by adding an authenticator (mobile app or something else). It’s measures that CCP has taken towards keeping players’ account(s) safe and to minimize account theft.


That doesn’t protect your eve account…literally :anger:

keyword: “good”

No. This does not work.

Do you have any statistics form accounts being “hacked”? Every time I’ve heard of an account being “hacked” it was some dumb🐴 sharing his account information.

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No, I have no statistics of it but adding an extra layer of security usually stops some thefts from happening, but that’s not saying it eliminates it entirely; “it does not magically cure stupidity”, if people just follow the basic rules about passwords or internet safety in general most hacking attempts are for the most part rendered futile.


It doesn’t take an expert, only someone who has spent a lot of time dealing with the systems the major email providers have put in place. As someone who had to recover more than a dozen email accounts recently due to a hard drive crash I can comfortably say most of those providers have flaws in their systems.

So, the second part of the “two-part authentication” is the most vulnerable?

The feature should be optional. I’ll sign a waiver. :fountain_pen:

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That’s the worst possible advice there is. I recently had to do that on another service and for some reason the service one day stopped accepting the codes from my authenticator. I hat to jump through loads of hoops to get that account back. Totally worth it.™

E-Mail codes or bust. And CCP should actually do something about Sisi in that regards.

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You should have done like me and make a ticket, wait less than 24 hours, get an email with some questions and less than 24 hours later you are good to go.
Maybe you think you lost those two days but I suggest you go outside and take a walk and calm down, whatever you had to do in EVE Online can wait a few days.

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You’re wrong, that’s NOT the stupidest feature in Eve! The stupidest feature is the calculator thats so f#$%^&g small that you can barely see the numbers and has no way to increase it’s size! There, I said it!:fire:


Then get your mom or dad to help you set up the launcher. I only have to fill it in when i’m on a friend’s PC. I have selected “save account data” on the PC’s that I exclusively use.

I’m not a child numbnuts :chestnut:. I’m not talking about the client launcher. I’m talking about logging into the to access my account information. My launcher works fine. :comet:

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Sounds like something a child would say.

I would suggest glasses here… :slight_smile:

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I know you are…but what am I?

That’s something a child would say :slight_smile: .

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This is a mature discussion to have :smiley: