Verificaiton code

For fack sake, why the fack am i being asked for this gaddam code every facking time i login anywhere?
I clearly have that ■■■■ turned off in my profile, so wtf ccp?


That will help once again with losing subs XD its ■■■■■■■ annoying as hell

GJ CCP, you went nearly bankrupt because of such dumb decisions. Lets add another layer of clicks in the mix and call it content. XD

On successful login using this verification code check, a cookie that lasts for 6 months will be created in the pilot’s launcher/browser.

Once every 6 months doens’t really seem like a big deal to me, maybe stop running things that prevent/delete that cookie :stuck_out_tongue:

They seem to have a constant backlog of investigating peoples’ compromised accounts. It’s to their benefit to cut down on that, to save themselves from people who can’t/won’t properly secure their accounts.

… though, sending that MFA-lite code to the same email addresses that are often the ones compromised… doesn’t do much good, at least in that regard.

If you think that keeping your account safer is a bad thing, then feel free to not use 2FA. When your account gets compromised and your SP stolen, we’ll link you this thread to remind you about the mistake you made.

I use private window mode when check the forums when I am at work and have to wait for some process to finish… So I store no cookies. Every time I want to read forums I get that verification code. Sometime several times a day. Not once every 6 months, rather 6 times in few hours …

CCP isn’t the only ones doing this. Several games have gone to two factor authentication. They want to make sure if you login from a different location that it is actually you.

With an Apple Watch, all I have to do is wait for the ding and they put the code at the top so I don’t even have to open my phone / email.

Then you brought that upon yourself, security trumps your desire not to leave traces on a work machine, although depending on how the network is configured they may already be more than able to trace your internet use even without those, so like i said, maybe stop running things that prevent cookies from being stored :stuck_out_tongue:

Well what do you know! CCP is taking YOUR security seriously and you are whining!

Calm down dear!

Well done CCP for implementing this security measure at least I appreciate my account being secure.


I’d rather uninstall, thank you very much.

CCP has a long history of screwing up every new tech they try to embrace.

While a lot of stupid people are really bad at securing their data, CCP is worse.

I want to be able to opt out of giving them any info they can end up losing to a data breach. As of now they have (like every other game I play) a fake name, country, age, and anything else they asked for, on a non-tracable disposable email using a non-tracable disposable CC for payment.

The SSO changes kicked me out of the game for good. I couldn’t log into the game, the forum, the account management or the support tickets. I could only contact and explain my situation.

Somehow was my email address flagged as “inactive” (causing their new system not to send any codes to me) and a GM had to undo it. It took three days for CCP to figure it out and to resolve it.

I could be upset about it, but honestly, as long as this SSO change reduces account theft and DDoS attacks against the login service, and CCP keeps providing us with a good support, is there nothing to complain about. It wasn’t CCP who threw the first stones, but some hacker kids did, who will go to any length to cause a company trouble.

Thanks for not throwing me under the bus, CCP. :running_man: :bus:

Well then, the door is over there, because you won’t win this one, they have improved security and the only people negatively affected are the extreme minority who don’t want to deal with a few cookies, so by all means uninstall :slight_smile:

I suppose you even faked your IP address? If so I think CCP will be visiting your account soon and the door will be shown lol

I also suppose you have not heard of footprints!

My entire digital footprint is less than an average millennial posts about himself in a couple of hours.

Pro Tip: Lies have no legs!

So do all our forum avatars! :scream:

Hello ,

I just had the same problem with one of my characters,
he asks for a confirmation code to enter the website
account, the weird thing is that I can still
log this person on the game without any worries

Ps : my english is light

I made a ticket via the support and the game …

If you have the account pinned then it may still be using an existing SSO token and so won’t require a code verification.

I had reinstalled the game and wiped all account data just around the time the new SSO change came live. So it required a verification code for all of them and it just wasn’t my lucky day I guess. But it’s been handled.